They don’t want you to have dreams

See MLK Jr., See Malcom, See Joseph

Joseph, (the second to youngest son Jacob) had to several years a slave before material success. All his suffering started off with him telling his brothers his dream. They in their loathing of his dreams and what it implied, sold him. That’s cold. Real cold. His brother’s had the power to either help him or do the opposite.

He went through a perilous journey but after his years of servitude he realized his dream and became a prime minister of Egypt.

He paid his dues and realized his dream.

Key learning from this tale:

Concrete dreams pay off. So dream sustain-ably. There is such a thing.

Do the work, stick to the path and you will end up where you need to be.

Dreams are crazy, they can trap you and set you free at the same time.

The people who realize their dreams always have something in common, their dreams are always rooted in reality, they rarely schemed things up, they lived, flowed and came upon visions and dreams out of natural processes.

Always remember

Ambition is cool, but many prey on the ambitious, so be cautious.