Top 4 Asian Startups from #500 Demo Day

February 16th, 2016 demo day image from site

The 500 startups latest batch had four amazing startups from Asia. Not only are these startups doing well in Asia, but they are tackling different problems faced in Asia, around recruiting, software, e-commerce, and discounts too.

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Here are the 4 hottest Asian Startups that are taking on Asia after finishing their time with 500 startups in Mountain View.

  • Beeketing- Singapore, Vietnam
  • GetLinks- Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore
  • MOBINGI- Japan
  • LafaLafa- India, Hong Kong

The 500 startups batch 15 investor demo day occurred on Tuesday, 16 February in the Computer Science Museum of Mountain View, California.

Along with the increase of diverse co-founders, we are delighted to also see that there are 4 Asian startups (including our very own, #Getlinks) that are part of the Silicon Valley accelerator. 500 startups is an accelerator that was founded by Dave McClure, and has been known for their global investments for startups, as well as their events, such as Geeks on a Plane.

The 4 Hottests Asian Startups to watch for in this batch are, MOBINGI, Beeketing, Getlinks, and LafaLafa.


Coming from Tokyo, Japan, Mobingi “is a Software-as-a-Service cloud software solution that seamlessly integrates server deployment, management, scaling and cloud application lifecycle automation, together supports both public and private clouds–all on a single, easy-to-use platform designed exclusively for any size of businesses.” The company is founded by Wayland Zhang and Yosihuro Horiuchu and raised their initial investment via Draper Nexus Ventures. Follow @mobingi on twitter.

Beeketing: Vietnam, USA

Beeketing is the #1 top-selling marketing automation platform on Shopify, which helps small and medium e-commerce companies increase conversion rate, customer retention by email automation and on-site recommendations. The company, founded by Quan MT, Alice (Phuong Anh Ha), and Duong Dzung, had an exit 2 years ago, and their new startup — Beeketinghas 30~50% MoM growth for the last 9 months straight. The company has 35,000 business users worldwide, with 85% in the USA, and offices in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Singapore. You can follow them on twitter here: Beeketing

Getlinks, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore

At 23 years old, Djoann Fal is already building a community to provide the gold of Asia Digital Economy : Tech Talents. With his co founders Polpat & Pichaya Srifar, Getlinks team managed to create a “curated tech hiring marketplace” expanding in Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

Working to tackle the tech/digital talent recruiting problem in emerging markets while becoming a new generation social business network like Linkedin, the company won the 2015 Startup Award, being one of the Top 5 most promising startups in SEA. The company is based out of Bangkok, and received 700K USD seed round, led by 500 startups, and already managed to gain enough traction to be profitable. This summer, they also organised the largest community Tech Festival in southeast Asia and plan to organize Job festivals with Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong.

LafaLafa, India & Hong Kong

Last, but by no means the least, is the Indian startup Lafalafa. It is India’s first e-bates, aka online savings startup, and was founded by Yosha Gupta, who recently gained publicity for being one of a handful of solo female founders coming out of India and getting success via Silicon Valley. LafaLafa has managed to get over 700k downloads since it launched about ten months ago, and provides savings in numerous of the dialects spoken in India. Yosha, informed us, that they are going to launch their Hong Kong office in the coming months. Follow the founder at Yosha Gupta.

So, when you are looking to see what is hot and exciting in the startup scene in Asia, be sure to try to keep up with these four companies who are coming back from SV with hopefully some of the “crazy, anything is possible” attitude that keeps attracting numerous entrepreneurs to the valley.

This was written by Naureen Nayyar☀, with some additions from #links.