Why Google Has no Way back to China before 2018 ?

After Google reconstruct itself, there’re a lot of rumors about Google back to Chinese market in a short time. However, I didn’t agree with it. Because Google has no way back to China before 2018.

Obviously, It is all about government issue.

In the period of the first session of current Chairman, Mr. Xi Jinping, Chinese government would not do some big change, such as the issue of Google.

let’s back to the time line, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be in 2017, this Congress would elect the Chairman of the CCP(Chinese Communist Party).

Then the 13rd National People’s Congress will start from October 2017 to February 2018, this congress would elect the Chairman of the China.

Therefore, the decision about the issue of Google will not made before 2018. Actually, even they are not going to discuss this issue until the period of the second session.

Besides,it will also take a lot of times to find solutions to let Chinese market have a healthy and stable growth. Google is a big guy, so once let the “Shark” came back, some of the “little fishes” got to be eat.

Finally, there are many oversea companies waiting for enter Chinese market, such as Facebook and Twitter. They all want to be nice to Beijing to get a entrance ticket . Therefore, the Chinese government has to think about it seriously.

So, I thought, before the Chinese government come up with a general framework agreement on western technology company go to China, they will not do a move about the issue of Google .

Nowadays, it seems that the first move of Google is that, the Android Wear and Google Play will go to China by investing Mobvoi Inc,. a Chinese search-and-smartwatch company.

Let’s keep our eyes on the round II.


As far as I know, nearly the whole 2015, lots of global startups cannot get a good result in China.

I, am a journalist who focus on everything about Chinese and Global Internet, I feel lots of report about Chinese Internet is not that “real” or “accurate”.

Therefore, I just hope I could reflect you guys a real and real-time Chinese Internet. To let you under stand Chinese Internet environment and market, meanwhile, to show you a real Chinese Internet startups survival condition.