Cleveland’s Wildboy & Yours Truly Records Rapper, Machine Gun Kelly talks about his album, “Bloom”, Race Rage & his music career! And even goofs off with balloons & helium!!!

Interviewer: Hello everyone! We’re here to welcome one of the best rappers around, Machine Gun Kelly! Give it up, y’all! *audience cheers*

Kells: *smiles and waves* hey y’all how’s it going?

Interviewer: Welcome to the show, Kells! How are you today?

Kells: I am doing absolutely amazing. *smiles big and sits back*

Interviewer: Let’s get to the questions! Tell us about yourself.

Kells: Yeah of course *smiles* Im MGK. But call me Kells. I’m a rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. I have a daughter named Casie 😊😊

Interviewer: Adorable! How old is she?

Kells: Casie is 9 almost 10. *smiles* I love that little booger 😊

Interviewer: *smiles and laughs softly* I have something for her but let’s save that in the end 😂

Kells: *chuckles* Thanks!

Interviewer: Your upcoming movie, Race Rage is releasing soon, yes? Tell us about the character that you’re playing.

Kells: I play Mike Delgado. He is one of the main characters and the main racers of his crew. Hes very smart and also one of the fastest racers out there.. His love interest is Claudia played by Lisette Jackson Brooks.

Interviewer: *nods* I see. I sat down with Lisette yesterday and she told me about her experience playing as her character. In your experience in playing as Mike Delgado, what was it like having a love interest with the daughter of the King of Pop?

Kells: It was cool. She is a very talented young woman and damn, the daughter of one fuckin' legend. Shit.. She is lucky af. I love Lisette. She is like family to me. Everyone in Race Rage is. Shoutout to Chyna, Marco, Shoutout to Sheldon & Tyga. Allie and Amelia and most especially, the Rap God, Marshall.

Interviewer: You’re in Yours Truly Records, yes? I heard that your album Bloom released, what was it like working on it?

Kells: Yeah, Bloom was a hella great project working on it. It took a while, but it was fun. I’m glad it has gotten this far with over 300 views in the first 8-9 hours. It’s incredible!

Interviewer: Wow! Really nice *smiles* As a father to Casie, what do you want her future to be like?

Kells: I dont care what she does unless she doesnt be doing bad things and being a criminal *chuckles a little* She loves to sing though and jam out to my songs.

Interviewer: Awww a loving daughter who just wants to listen to your music *smiles* Have you heard of helium?

Kells: The balloon? *laughs*

Interviewer: *brings 2 balloons with helium inside* Yes 😂😂😂 *gives you one*

Kells: What in the fuck is this? *takes one and laughs confused*

Interviewer: In this one, I’ll be asking you questions in helium and you’ll be answering in helium as well, are you ready for this?

Kells: Oh boy 😂😂 *chuckles and looks at the balloon* I guess. I mean I smoked bongs and hookah and shit before but helium 😂

Interviewer: *takes my balloon and inhales the helium, speaking in a squeaky voice* What songs are released and what songs are in the process? *most of the audiences are laughing*

Kells: *laughs and claps my hands holding the balloon* What? *takes the balloon and holds my breath but then doesnt suck the helium in from laughing so hard*

Interviewer: *inhales the helium, speaking in a squeaky voice* I was ask...*interrupts by laughing while in helium* *audience is still laughing*

Kells: *laughs as I try it* *my voice is squeaky as I talk* What you mean what songs are -- *gets interupted and starts laughing like a mouse*

Interviewer: *dying of laughter too* *audience are still laughing*

Kells: *laughs as I inflate the balloon and my voice dies down as my cheeks are red* Holy shit! 😂 worse than hookah and bong!

Interviewer: *lets go of the balloon so it will fly off* That didn’t work 😂

Kells: Nahh! 😂😂

Interviewer: What songs do you release recently and what songs are you currently working on?

Kells: I released Alpha Omega and 2 tracks from the Race Rage soundtrack, "At My Best" and "Conversations". I’m currently working on a collab with Keke Palmer called "A Little More"

Interviewer: Interesting. How does it go? Can you show us?

Kells: Which song?

Interviewer: A Little More with Keke Palmer.

Kells: *raps the first verse to little more in an acapella* I had a dream that the world changed
And for a minute there was no pain
Instead of presidents and old sayings
I heard lyrics from Kurt Cobain
Then I wake up to see the world’s ill
Oceans tainted from the oil spills
How many kids have these wars killed?
How many families can’t afford bills?
I wish that I could let the world know
That it’s okay to let the pain show
And even though times seem bad
It always rains before the rainbow.

Interviewer: *audience cheers and I clap for you* Amazing Kells!

Kells: Thank you, thank you *smiles*

Interviewer: In your opinion, what do you think of the other labels?

Kells: I think they kinda cocky and some artists are egotistical and disrespectful. I mean, you have to be humble at some point. Well yeah I understand being cocky sometimes but not too fuckin’ much, like dude.. Chill… And dont disrespecting artists making your shit all about you. That’s my opinion…

Interviewer: *nods* I see. What makes you say that?

Kells: I dont know *shrugs* They just dont give Yours Truly credit. We have so much potential, but they still dont give credit and give us a chance, like not even bother to actually listen to our music.

Interviewer: Ah *nods* How long have you been a rapper? And who inspired you to become one?

Kells: I grew up listening to Eminem. Been writing lyrics and playing the guitar. I was actually a huge fan of punk and metal rock first then rapping came in when I jammed out to Eminem, of course Tupac. I mean those two are legends. And what rapper doesnt at least look up to Pac. *smiles and chuckles a little*

Imterviewer: Tupac and Eminem are legendaries all right *smiles* *one of the female audiences said "I love you Kells!"*

Kells: *smiles* Aye love you too!

Interviewer: *one of the female audiences starts fangirling* Are you excited for Race Rage to come out soon?

Kells: Yes I am. *nods* The cast is great. Im family with all them.

Interviewer: And I’ve heard that you’re performing in the MTV Awards as well, yes? *audience cheers* What songs are you going to perform in this event?

Kells: I will be performing Alpha Omega and At My Best with Lisette *smiles* Its gonna be dope.

Interviewer: *audience keeps cheering* Is there anything you would like to say to new rappers who just started their career but they’re nervous to perform?

Kells: All I gotta say is keep your head up and dont let anybody bring you down.

Interviewer: That’s it for today’s interview! *audience cheers again* Thank you for being here, Mr. Kelly!

Kells: *waves* *peace* Check out Bloom!

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