Is Lil Debbie the next Hip-Hop Queen?

She talks about her coming in the game, her new song, “F THAT!”, women in the industry, and music tea with her beef with rapper, xxxtentacion and Def Jam CEO, Kaily Rey and spits a dope freestyle out of the bat!

*camera rolls down*

Interviewer: Welcome to the Stars at Night! I’m here with Yours Truly artist from the Bay Area. She is a new female rapper and might be one of the next big things next to Kayli, Camryn, Rose and even Sheldon. Meet Lil Debbie! *sound effects*

Lil Debbie: *smiles* Hello, how are you today?

Interviewer: I’m doing good how are you? *gets my questions ready*

Lil Debbie: Great. *smiles and sips my water as I fix my beanie*

Interviewer: So, for those of y’all who don’t know who Lil Debbie is. She is a female rapper from the Bay Area whom is fire! I just heard your song "F That!" And you went in hard af 😂

Lil Debbie: *chuckles* Yes. I did enjoy writing and spitting that song.

Interviewer: So.. You being part of Yours Truly Records, tell us about that experience and why you chose Yours Truly instead of the other labels out there.

Lil Debbie: It was an honor for Chyna and Marco to welcome me into Yours Truly. Actually met them at a nightclub and we spit some few bars together. 😂

Interviewer: *nods and chuckles* That’s good, probably had a life of a party huh?

Lil Debbie: We did, we did it was fun though! *smiles*

Interviewer: So what made you choose Yours Truly over Republic Records and Def Jam?

Lil Debbie: Well, first.. I’m a big fan of Phora’s music and I love Chyna’s makeup line and she is a fashion icon of her own. Second, the others never asked me.

Interviewer: *smiles* That’s amazing. Chyna is gorgeous and Phora is dope and a great lyricist.

Lil Debbie: Yeah, and I also like Yours Truly because they are more of a label that doesnt care about sales and too too much about money and fancy cars and all that jazz. They are more of an independent label. They arent too too strict, but they can manage and they mostly care more about being yourself and what you bring to the table. Marco, he is chill. He isn’t too much involved in the drama unless someone says something bad about his daughter and Chyna.

Interviewer: Yeah because that’s his babies 😂 I’d be pretty pissed if someone talked shit on my partner and children like that. Fr.

Lil Debbie: Yeah same here, and also. I’m not all about showboating. I just wanna do my tours, do me, and worry about myself and the music.

Interviewer: Yeah, so Jahseh and you had beef, along with CEO of Def Jam, Kayli that jumped in saying how you’re trash. You’re this. You’re that. How do you feel about people in the industry or people in general dragging and hating on you? Or hating and dragging any new artist in the game?

Lil Debbie: I personally think it’s immature and disrespectful, I usually dont care, but if they’re disrespecting me when I didnt disrespect them, then that’s when I’ll come at you... Like why are you gonna be an airhead to other artists below you saying, "Oh I’m this. I’m that" "you aint the shit" Like what makes you think people are gonna respect you? In my opinion... You have to always always have to have respect because you never know what’s going to happen.

Interviewer: Yeah. I feel you, but anyways your music and new song, "F THAT!" what can you tell us about it?

Lil Debbie: "F THAT!" is a song sorta dealing with that situation. Not the beef. Just the music industry in general. In my opinion, its fucked up and pretty bias. I feel like, me, myself as a female rapper and coming into the game, that they don’t give me, Chyna, Rose, and even Keke enough credit as they do for Camryn, Tee, Demi, Amethyst, Sayora, etc.... just because we arent mainstream.
People dont listen to our shit and our lyrics not giving us a chance and they just take the disrespect to us like we are nothing.
So "F THAT!" basically is talking about how everyone "hates" me and doesnt play my shit on the radio or it’s not on billboard and basically just telling them fuck that.
I’m Lil Debbie. I do me. And I dont give a fuck if you don’t like my shit and I don’t give a fuck what you say about me. I aint fake, I keep it real in my music and in general and who are you to tell me I’m trash, like you’re any better? Just like my song, "Break it Down" the hook: "My shit bangs, fuck how you feel for real". I don’t try and sell sex and drugs. Yea, i get high but fuck it.
My message to underground rappers trying to find a record label or trying to be big, is fuck them and fuck what they say about you. You do you because you are fuckin’ beautiful and AMAZING HUMAN BEING inside and out. Own your shit and don’t take no for answer when and don’t back down!

Interviewer: Yeah so... Besides that, what’s new for Lil Debbie?

Lil Debbie: Well, I have an album that will be dropping probably next week called "Married to the Mob" and I’m on the soundtrack of the movie, Race Rage.

Interviewer: That’s great. So what’s your relationship status as of right now?

Lil Debbie: I am happily taken by Hopsin. 😍❤

Interviewer: Wow, Hopsin. The rapper with the weird creepy eyes?

Lil Debbie: Yes, but in those eyes and in the heart he is sweet and an amazing artist and person ❤❤

Interviewer: That’s cute 😁 Maybe I’ll hit him up if he wants to do an interview. *chuckles*
Oh and we talked to Sheldon earlier and he loves your music and wants to collab with you. What do you think? Yes? No? A Debbie and Sheldon collab?

Lil Debbie: I love Sheldon. He’s a funny guy and very very nice. He has vocals like a God. So, I would love to do a future collaboration with him.

Interviewer: That’s amazing. Now we gonna do the five fingers of death for freestylers and rappers like you. You just spit something with the instrumental? Wanna see if Lil Debbie is actually not trash. That cool?

Lil Debbie: Alright. Lay me a beat. I got you.

Interviewer: Alright *puts a beat on*

Lil Debbie: *raps* Im sick and tired of bitches acting like I’m nothin’.
While these mother fuckers be acting like they something.
But in reality they frontin’.
I’m Debbie, I’ll keep stuntin’.
Keep your mouth runnin' with the drama.
Pay attention, I’m the definition of karma.
Get this bitch outta here because I’ll murder her in a verse, yeah I’ll harm her.
I’m done with these goofy ass male rappers and these females out here, telling me I aint shit. "Debbie aint this" "Debbie aint that"
"Stars at night you need to calm her"
Bitches cant calm me down.
I do what I want, I’m far from falling down.
I dont fuck around with clowns.
Im married to the mob, dont give a fuck about the flashy shit, I’m used to wearing hand me downs.
You think you’re all that, but disrespect doesn’t earn you a crown.
Go back to wearing that saggy nightgown.
Bitch, I’m that bitch.
That bitch on the Race Rage theme song, City on Lockdown.
I dont rap that much about sex. I just rap whatevers on my mind. Metaphors, similies, verbs, adjectives and nouns.
Well haters are mad, Im making em frown and I dont give a fuck.
Watch out haters, cuz Debbie cakes, Queen D, is coming to your fucking town.

Interviewer: Ohh *claps* that was fire. *says to the mic* Everybody Lil Debbie! And thanks for coming to the show Debbie! Check out her new song, "F THAT!" out now. *waves*

Lil Debbie: *smiles and waves* Bye guys thank you.

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