Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Sheldon Cooper & surprise guest, Tyga talk about the music industry, their movie: “Race Rage”, as they do a little freestyle/acapella!

Interviewer: Hello! *smiles and sits with Sheldon* Welcome to The Stars at Night! We are here with our first star as we open...
He’s kinda new in the game.. He will be in a new movie Race Rage, starring Machine Gun Kelly, Blac Chyna, Lisette Brooks, Keke Palmer, Ameila Grande and even more stars and he is also a new comer in the industry. Please welcome in the building, the funny and super cool, Sheldon Cooper!!! *the sound effects make noise*

Sheldon: *waves* hey hey hey now how you doin?

Interviewer: Hello Sheldon, nice to have you! *smiles* *checks out your suit* Damn that’s a nice suit 😂 Got all dressed up did you?

Sheldon: Sure did! Haha

Interviewer: *laughs* So, we are here for you.. What’s new for Sheldon? Any news and surprises you wanna spill for us? Well first tell us more about yourself for those who don’t know..

Sheldon: Well when I’m not singing at Yours Truly I am a physisist who studies string theory.

Interviewer: That’s cool. I never studied that. What can you tell us about it? Like how you like it? Or what it basically is.

Sheldon:  Think of a guitar string that has been tuned by stretching the string under tension across the guitar. Depending on how the string is plucked and how much tension is in the string, different musical notes will be created by the string. It’s a bit conplicated but I enjoy it.

Interviewer: That is pretty cool! 👌 *smiles and nods* Do you use your string theory when you make your music? 😂

Sheldon: Nah, I use my voice.

Interviewer: *nods* Yeah, that’s pretty cool. Do you like R&B or rapping better? In your opinion? Like what do you prefer doing?

Sheldon: I like both equally

Interviewer: Well I usually ask this but who’s the best rapper in the game right now?

Sheldon: I would say Tyga and Phora. They are both legit good.

Interviewer: What’s your opinion on Jahseh saying he is the best lyricist alive?

Sheldon: He has lyrics?

Interviewer: *looks at you* Yes his new song "Concepts" and his debut album "Bad Vibes Forever" and he had beef with your labelmate, female rapper, Lil Debbie.

Sheldon: Honestly, I believe being a good artist means that you humble yourself. From personal experience, I was egotistic, cocky, and I thought I was the shit and eveyone else is shit but that attitude got me nowhere and if an artist put another artist down then they wouldn’t get anywhere but flopped

Interviewer: Right *nods* Do you fuck with Lil Debbie’s music? Is there a future collaboration, maybe?

Sheldon: Yes I like her music she’s a very talented girl. And as for a collaboration, maybe.

Interviewer: Speaking of collaborations... You had a collaboration album recently with Rack City rapper, Tyga that has about over 100 views and plays for the past two weeks! *clap sound effects*

Sheldon: *smiles * it was so fun working with Tyga.

Interviewer: And you guys are in a movie together, yeah?

Sheldon: Yes.

Interviewer: Now is he really "broke" as the media says he is?

Sheldon: Nah, not at all.

Interviewer: Well, we have a surprise for you, Sheldon. Ladies and gentleman, the one and only, king gold chains !! *sound effects claps and the song, Rack City comes on in the background*

Tyga: *walks in wearing last kings gear and viet raww gear, smiling and waving as I give Sheldon dabs* What’s up man? *smiles*

Interviewer: *smiles as Rack City is still playing in the background*

Sheldon: Hey Tyga

Tyga: Aye!! *dances to Rack City and laughs then sits down*

Sheldon: *dances in my seat*

Interviewer: *watches and smiles* Hey Tyga, welcome! *checks out the shoes* Sick shoes!

Tyga: Damn, what an entrance! *chuckles and nods* But thank you. They’re new actually.

Interviewer: Might wanna get me a pair? *chuckles*

Tyga: Sure hit me up and we’ll arrange something! 😂 *looks at Sheldon* but aye got a pair for you in the studio.

Sheldon: Yeah they hella dope. Forreal? Thank you, man! I’ll get you something in return.

Tyga: Thanks bro and nah its all g! *nods* So is that suit man. *chuckles* This mother fucker always getting dressed up!! Classy as hell doe.

Sheldon: Thank you haha

Interviewer: Since you two are style icons showing right now, whom did y’all get your style from? Like your inspirations to fashion?

Tyga: *looks at Sheldon* You wanna answer that first or me?

Sheldon: You first, T.

Tyga: Ight.. Well. One of them has to be Tupac in music and also in fashion and most definitely Kanye West.

Interviewer: Yeezy. *nods* and how about you, Sheldon?

Sheldon: I’m inspired by R kelly in music and fashion also I wear comic book tees.

Interviewer: Comics! What’s your favorite comic right now?

Sheldon: The green lantern and the flash.

Tyga: I always liked Hulk, and also Batman.

Interviewer: Well, thats cool. But let’s get to the music and your collaboration album. What was your favorite song on the album? And fun recording?

Tyga: Personally, I liked recording Celebration with The Game, Wiz and Lil Wayne. I also liked Bitches N Marijuana

Sheldon: I agree with Tyga.

Interviewer: So your song together that’s fire right now is, "Cricketz" and the first song you released together. What is the meaning of the song and what made you guys bring it to life for everyone to hear it?

Sheldon: Tyga answer that

Tyga: Is this a Tyga interview now? *chuckles a little*

Sheldon: I feel like you can explain it better

Tyga: Ight, well... Cricketz is about haters. The metaphorical term "crickets"… Well, Crickets are like haters. You hear them but you can’t see them. Once they walk past by you, they are silent. Yes that’s a quote..
Sheldon and I dealt with a lot of haters pushing us down and hating on us, but that didn’t stop us from doing what we do, ya know.
And this is a message to all people in the industry:
If people are gonna criticize you. Fuck them. You are your own person and dont let ANYBODY tell you who you are but you.

Interviewer: Right and you guys are performing tomorrow night for the first annual Roleplay Awards is that right?

Sheldon: That is correct.

Interviewer: Well I can’t wait to be watching that. Hey, but can we have a freestyle? Since y’all are a good musical collaboration.

Sheldon: I can sing acapella

Tyga: Alright I’ll spit something.

Sheldon: *sings* My mind’s telling me no
But my body, my body’s telling me yes
Baby, I don’t want to hurt nobody
But there is something that I must confess

Interview: Oh damn. *nods and bobs my head*

Tyga: *raps*

Yo, its Tyga. T-Raww.

I’m the hottest.
She’s the goddess.
Her body’s flawless, everything, flawless.
She makes me speechless.
When I talk, it’s like I’m jawless.
Dont give a fuck if them niggas hatin’.
Why hate on a nigga all about gold chains?
Why hate on a nigga who will spoil a girl for diamond rings.
I’m just doing my thang.
No drama, just stress-free. Give me head, a booty to bang.
Hit my phone up baby girl, Im the one for you, so make it rang.
I’m a hard working nigga getting money for Yours Truly Records I’ll make it rain.
Shoutout to Sheldon with the acapella hook he just sang *does the Tyga rawr and chuckles*

Interviewer: Wow that was fire. *smiles* So you both will be starring in the movie, Race Rage with big time stars like Machine Gun Kelly, Lisette Brooks, Blac Chyna, Keke Palmer, Ameila Grande, Phora, Eminem and even Allie. What can you tell us about the movie?

Tyga: You do this one, Sheldon.

Sheldon: Its similar to fast and furious but slightly different.

Interviewer: How is it different?

Sheldon: Well our main character is a female, our characters have different traits and the technology in this movie is pretty high tech.

Tyga: Yeah. Sheldon made the movie funny as hell tbh 😂

Interviewer: Oh really? Who will you be playing? *looks and Sheldon*

Sheldon: My character is a hacker named Dean. He has a personality mixture between grandad from the boondocks, Chris Tucker and Kat Williams.

Interviewer: Interesting. Interesting *looks over at Tyga* Tyga? Why you smiling over there?

Tyga: Nothing. *chuckles* I just love my role *smiles*

Interviewer: Who will you playing that’s so interesting?

Tyga: I play TJ Iman. He is kinda the newbie in the crew who helps the crew track down Leo and his gang. But I love it because Im with my lovely lady, Keke. 😏 Shoutout to you baby 😘 *smiles*

Sheldon: Awww!

Interviewer: Awww thats cute. I hope y’all doing good. And your baby mama, Blac Chyna is in the movie as well, yes?

Tyga: *nods* Yeah yeah


Sheldon: I don’t have a bae and don’t need one. Nobody sees that though 💅 but its okay I don’t need a man/woman in my life right now

Tyga: Awww *pats Sheldon on the back* You’ll get one! You’re a great dude.

Interviewer: Awww *enjoys y’all bond and nods* and you and Chyna are good right? No beef?

Tyga: Nah, we settled everything and she’s one of my best friends. *smiles* But that pay Jenny shit jokes need to stop 😂 but i love her doe. *looks at Sheldon* yeah.. thats good bro.

Interviewer: That’s good. *smiles* Yeah Sheldon, youre a boss singer and just do you. 💯 And Tyga, I hope King is good.

Tyga: He’s great. He’s 4 now. *smiles* Always on snapchat now.

Sheldon: *lowkey laughing at the pay jenny joke* 4 year olds on snapchat now? Back in my day when I was 4 I was working on a CAT scan and explaining how to conserve oil by using uranium.

Interviewer: *chuckles and laughs* Man kids now but you gotta love them right?

Sheldon: Sure do. I have a soft spot for children. I love kids. I’m a pisces. I love to help the kids without anything in return.

Interviewer: Awww well that’s all the questions I have for you tonight. *smiles* *says to the mic* Make sure you check out Tyga & Sheldon’s album, "The Geek God Meets King Gold Chains" out now!!!! Thank you guys for coming and wish you luck in your careers!

Sheldon: Thank you very much!

Tyga: Thanks for having us!

Sheldon: It was so nice having this interview 👌 this was my first interview.

Interviewer: Really? Well I’m glad you enjoyed it! Well.. til next time everyone

Interview ended !

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