Why I Became a Founding Member of Medium

The cleverly crafted subject title of the email got my click-through instantly, however, I was a little suspicious… I read the oddly-phrased pitch to the very last word because I’m a thorough guy, but as soon as I landed on that page I already knew in my heart of hearts that I was a Mediumer. Without hesitating I upgraded my account and then proceeded to persuade two close friends to do the same. Here’s why:

  1. It’s gorgeous and I’m helping to keep it that way. The sleek aesthetic is completely ad-free and hopefully with these contributions, will remain this way. Behind the scenes there is all sorts of wizardry ensuring the smooth running of this sexy and highly functional platform — would you want to build and maintain a great service for free?
  2. It’s super easy to use. Even the most computer-illiterate can share their insights on here without too much difficulty, and providing the content is valuable, their efforts will be recognised. The beauty of this medium (sorry not sorry) is that it privileges quality over reputation, which is a rarity in an era where everything is judged on following. In a digital world this is the closest thing to a level-playing field. Noble initiatives like this should be rewarded!
  3. It’s a humble thank you to the writers that entertain me on a daily basis. I laugh out loud or am plunged into a deep reverie and am forced to confront my life decisions when I read these articles but I gain something valuable each time I log in. Although this may be a reflection of the content I choose to read, I believe authors and artists that can elicit that kind of response deserve some appreciation.
  4. The wording is so beautifully misleading that it’s just begging for a spot on a CV! Even if you stick to listing real experience on your resumé, the cleverly named subscription will always sound highly impressive to the uninitiated!

I have no personal gain from promoting this platform but if you are a regular reader and you enjoy the experience I would encourage you to join the club and support it — let’s keep a good thing going :)

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