Wallets & Waistlines
Alana M. Miller

Another Bay Area person here! My husband and I live in Berkeley and the two of us combined spend an average of $468 on groceries and $207 eating out each month. We eat out ~2x/week, typically on weekends. I think the differences for us are:

  1. Snacks are part of our meal planning, just like breakfast, lunch, and dinner are.
  2. On Sundays, we cook a big batch of something for our lunches and eat them throughout the week. We kind of pre-prep dinner and have the same dinner, like, every other night. So our food varies more on a weekly time scale than daily.
  3. We don’t drink much at all. We buy beer/wine maybe every other week? Wine is typically 2 Buck Chuck, beer is typically Anchor Steam.
  4. We eat really awesome produce, but it’s dirt cheap because it’s from this permanent farmers market thing in Berkeley (I know). And we buy antibiotic-free meat, but conventional produce (again, I know).

We really enjoy what we eat. I don’t know what to say, besides that it’s not as boring as it sounds.