Not that this is anywhere near the same thing, but this is largely how my wife and I manage…

Ditto (getting married in T-3 weeks)! But it’s worth noting that this is the level of intertwined that (not even all!) people agree to when they’re MARRIED. I think of Nicole’s question as being equivalent to, “Would you marry your friends?”

The big difference for me is in how you approach major life decisions/milestones. I seek my friends' advice at big forks in the road, but I will need my husband’s full buy-in. That buy-in will require sacrifice/accommodation/trade-offs/whatever for both of us. And I don’t think I could stand to get full buy-in from so many people for anything. I mean, think of the resentment you might feel if your friend wanted to go on vacation. Or have a baby!! I’ve got nothing against babies, but I’m not looking to sponsor my friends' kids… Just no.

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