when really my fears are a host of specifics, easily prompted by an empty room, needy cat,
Working From Home is Never Worth It
Rosamund Lannin

I could be missing the point here, but why do you have a cat if having a cat triggers your anxiety? Is it a “tackle your fears by facing them” kind of thing? Are you just already attached? Do you get something out of pet ownership that I’m missing?

To be clear, I am a cat lover — I even volunteer weekly at a local cat shelter mostly just scooping poop. I love having my own cat because he keeps me company, and when I lived alone, he was my reason for leaving work at the end of the day instead of staying late all the time. I am typically a big advocate of pet ownership. But even with my love for my own cat and cats generally, I don’t understand having one if caring for a cat triggers your anxiety.

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