My Immigrant Mother’s Difficult Job Search
Megan Reynolds

I’m 25 and recently moved across the country without a job. It was taxing for me, and I’m young and a native English speaker. I can’t imagine how it must be for your mom.

One thing that did help was picking up a volunteering gig while I looked for a job. I chose an animal shelter, but any volunteering gig helps. I had to do some training, which gave me a goal other than “find a job” to work for (and achieving the goal was actually under my own control). It gave my days structure, which I really missed. It also helped me feel valuable, which is otherwise really hard to keep up. I never got a job lead from it (most of the volunteers were unemployed or retired themselves), but I still found it helpful to interact with other people during the day. If your mom is open to it, I really recommend picking up some volunteer work.

Good luck!

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