Maybe I’m a terrible person but don’t…go to all the weddings?

So maybe I’m in a weird spot here, but my husband and I were really careful about not over-inviting people to our wedding, especially friends (to make room for relatives). I 100% understood when some of our friends couldn’t make it, but that doesn’t mean their absence didn’t make me sad. Of course you can’t live your life with the exclusive purpose of never upsetting a bride. But you should understand the friendship impact of not attending a wedding. Like, I have some friends for whose weddings I would go into debt, and some whose weddings I would only attend if I could afford it. And some friends who may have been on the first list moved to the second when they didn’t attend my wedding for $ purposes. I’m still friends with them, I still love them, but it has an impact. You know? (I hope this doesn’t sound terrible and bridezilla-y…)