New paint app review!


Paintastic is a paint app on Android a bit different than the other paint apps. This one is highly recommended, as well as easy to use, has a great UI and UI experience, and has great predefined shapes that makes the work easier and more accurate.

Now you might be thinking what is so great about another painting app? Well along with the points I’ve already made, this app is great for on the go — this app, Paintastic always works and is so easy to access and get down to work. It’s an app that can always be there, load up quick, and just work. Similar to like how MS Paint is on Windows PC’s all set to go with out any heavy hardware needs.

The UI, like I mentioned earlier, is great and simple to use. The bottom has the toolbox which is convenient and doesn’t get in the way — and the top has the undo/redo. The paintbrush is set by default which is nice, because some apps nowadays make you select a brush first which can be clunky.

The app makes great use of shape selection tools as well which is very nifty and they got it just right. Another feature that really stood out to me is the layers — layers are so rare on apps like this, and it’s exponential that they included the option to use layers.

The menu has some of the usual options like saving, opening, sharing, and also has the ability to set pictures as photos to various other applications on your smartphone.

So all in all, Paintastic is a great app that can be very nifty and convenient to keep on your phone. I’ve downloaded it, now you guys can find it in the Google Play store — for free!


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