When a startup creates a product, it’s often inspired to do so because it has encountered a problem that needs to be solved in the market. Our Statful product was no different; we needed to track metrics in the software that we built, and found no other metrics tool that would do what we needed it to do… so we built our own!

After we launched Statful, we started to sell it to clients who had already purchased other software from us; as we unpacked in a recent article on the IndieHackers site:

“We started by pitching the product to…

Meet the people behind the product

In any industry, the people behind a product are as important as the product itself. It’s building a strong team capable of successfully interacting with each other and bringing on their particular baggage or skill set that establishes a thriving path:

1. To project fulfillment and growth.

2. For achieving a common goal efficiently and effectively.

3. Toward accomplishment and success.

Day to day, Statful’s progress however small it may be, drives the team’s motivation. That is, to put more of ourselves and share our passion for the product with others and our clients.

How it all started

As we round out the first week of the New Year, we thought we would take a moment to look back at all of what 2018 had for Statful.

In short, it was a remarkable year for us: we shared launched more new features than years past, grew our presence on all our channels, launched a tiered structure for users to choose from, and grew our community of users!

Making Statful Known

Last year, we presented ourselves at three technological events, one of which, Web Summit, one of the largest tech conferences in the world. These events proved to be a great way…

Off to the Races!

Every year on the first weekend in November, The Breeders’ Cup, a two-day horse racing event that always promises to be a period of high, environment-breaking traffic on the TVG website, is held. For those unfamiliar with the world of horse racing, TVG is the preeminent online hub for horse race wagering.

As a software developer, my focus is heightened when an event like The Breeders’ Cup comes along, as it brings a significant spike in traffic on the site and apps. …

Lisbon — Photo by Andreas Brücker on Unsplash

For 4 days, more than 69,000 people from 159 countries came together in Lisbon to take part in the biggest tech conference in the world (see the numbers here).

Statful was among the 1,800+ of the most promising startups from across the globe.

Our take on Web Summit 2018

Right off the bat, we felt the effects of the buzzing ecosystem that the Web Summit seems to create: encouraging people from different contexts to come together and share ideas with one another. For those who haven’t attended, the summit is a highly business oriented summit, with a collective goal in meeting new people and learning how to find new clients, business partners or investors. …

Haven’t found the right system to monitor your metrics yet? Statful has a Lifetime Free Plan to get you started!

What is Statful?

Statful is a Metrics as a Service platform that enables users to monitor and visualize real-time data in a centralized point-of-view for business, application and system metrics. It empowers you to instrument however and whatever you want!

Innovation: TechDay Always Brings It!

This year marked the fourth year we attended TechDay LA. With three years of history at this event under our belt, we were prepared for a day filled with innovation and creativity, and we sure got lots of it! From Fintech to AI, there was no shortage of remarkable new products on display!

Statful and Brandbucket at TechDay LA

As a startup, we have experienced the stereotypical benchmarks of the life of a startup. For example, many on the core team need to wear multiple hats to get the product pushed forward to the next step. …


We’re a customizable monitoring platform that tracks any type of metric in real-time!

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