Metrics for Devs: Introducing Statful’s Free Plans

Haven’t found the right system to monitor your metrics yet? Statful has a Lifetime Free Plan to get you started!

What is Statful?

Statful is a Metrics as a Service platform that enables users to monitor and visualize real-time data in a centralized point-of-view for business, application and system metrics. It empowers you to instrument however and whatever you want!

Our vision is to improve customer satisfaction and retention by helping teams and individuals rapidly identify possible issues with their data, even before customers are affected. Because we believe in our product, and that it will make a positive impact on your day-to-day work and business, we created these plan offers:

Free plans

Today, we are happy to announce Statful’s new two plan offers: The LIFETIME Free Plan and the Startup Plan.

Statful’s LIFETIME Free Plan includes a personal license that covers:

  • Use and customization of widgets and dashboards;
  • Collection of data from any source;
  • Up to one year of retrievable data;
  • It’s free, forever.

To unleash Statful’s full capabilities, we have also created the Startup Plan, which adds to the Free Plan:

  • Six months of unlimited access with up to 1k per second of data that is ingested and made available on customized dashboards;
  • Unlimited users, freedom to export and share dashboard widgets;
  • Access to alerting features via Slack, email and/or Pagerduty; and
  • Unparalleled support from the Statful team.

To learn more about how our Free plan, or compare it to our Startup and Pro plans, please visit our Plan page.

We’re a customizable monitoring platform that tracks any type of metric in real-time!

We’re a customizable monitoring platform that tracks any type of metric in real-time!