Looking through a new Lens

We want our films to be excellent. It doesn’t matter what the content is, we are constantly after ourselves to create pieces that we can be proud of. The moment we hit export and deliver a project, as a team we internally deconstruct the video to figure out how we can do the next one better. Compared to where we were a few years ago, I’m excited about our progress.

It’s true that the story is what matters and that you can film on any camera. It’s also true that we are in the connection business and any thing we can do to remove interference between presenter and viewer is time and money well spent.

It can be hard to explain to our friends and even clients the excitement we experience when we make an improvement to our overall production value. Maybe it’s the same feeling an athlete feels when they reach a new personal best. Or how a chef feels when she presents a new dish she’s been working on tirelessly.

We sleep better at night.

This month, Stature Films made a significant investment in our production value. We purchased two brand new film lenses designed specifically for cinematography. Fujinon, which was originally the Fuji Photo Co. founded in 1934, is a leader in our industry at making lenses. They were one of the first companies to make film camera lenses and are the most widely used lens in television production.

Until recently, Fujinon lenses were too big and frankly too cost-prohibitive to make business sense. Last month, they released a new lens series designed with companies like ours in mind. The brand new MK series 18–55 T2.9.

Stature Films owns two of the brand new Fujinon 18–55 T2.9 Cinema Lenses

In an instant, our jaws dropped and we bought in. We purchased two of the first of these lenses that were made available in Canada from our friends at HD Source.

Andrew from Stature Films speaks with Dr. Petrisor on a shoot using the brand new Fujinon MK 18–55 Lenses.

Most people who watch anything know how they feel when they see something that looks good. They also know how they feel when they see something that doesn’t look as polished. When we’re treated to something that’s visually pleasing, we appreciate it. At Stature, our mission is to deliver work that people appreciate. And these new lenses from Fujinon will go a long way to help us deliver incredible quality. We have come a long way and there is still an incredible road ahead as we approach ten years in the movie business.