Photo courtesy of Matthew Wilkinson

Welcome To Statuslapse

“the stage for your life’s experiences”

We’re really excited to launch our first version of Statuslapse, free in the App Store today. Statuslapse is the stage for your life’s experiences. It automatically determines and shares your current status in realtime, letting your friends follow along with what you are doing, feeling and seeing throughout your day.

One of the popular reasons for contacting someone or a step in the process of contacting someone is a quick message to figure out what their current status or mood is, what they are doing or where they are at, such as “Hey what’s up!” “what u up to!” “where ya at!”

Statuslapse reduces the steps of getting a friends status by automating it. When you are at a location, Statuslapse will automatically determine your current status but without showing your exact location, such as “At A Bar”, “Near A College” and pulling in related pics from 500px, Flickr, Foursquare and Google maps. All the different status updates that you have gone through in the “last 24hrs” are automatically strung together to curate a story of your day.

You get to see what your friends are doing right now:

Or you can view how their day is going by viewing a Statuslapse of their last 24hrs:

You can see who viewed your Statuslapse and liked your status as well:

What about privacy?

You can activate DarkMode by tapping on the moon icon. This will change your current status to DarkMode.

Capturing Moments

Statuslapse also has a camera for instatus pics, you can take a pic, add a filter, add text and post it to your “Instatus”.


If you want to experience the excitement of seeing the day unfold with your friends and sharing your point of view, download the app from the App Store and follow us on twitter. Please feel free to leave feedback within the app as Statuslapse is still evolving and it will help us make it even more awesome for you.