#100DaysofCode — Day 2.a

Picture by Katie Moum

So yeah…I’m not doing the greatest at coding every day for this challenge. I am stuck in a habit of just reading over a lot of tutorials and new information instead of putting some of that information into practice.

So on day 6 of my restarted challenge, I’ve really only done 2 hours worth of actual coding, which is the reason this post is titled 2.a.

Even though I haven’t gotten as much coding done as I wanted to, I have been in the process of organizing everything I want to do, getting my development environment setup exactly how I want it…even created a project on Taiga.io to track my progress and keep me on the right path.

What coding have I done since my last post? Not really even sure it’s enough to count but I have mostly been tweaking the code on a friends author website that I’m working on (be on the lookout for a link to that project in the near future!). Beyond that I’ve written and deleted the code for my FCC Tribute Page a few times in a few different languages…so zero progress there.

As I mentioned earlier though, I have been planning out what I want to do over the next 100 days, and instead of keeping it a secret I figured I’d go ahead and mention them so they are public and it will give me more motivation to get them done!

  • finish friends author page in pure html/css
  • clone that page into wordpress
  • create a new design in wordpress for my church’s page
  • finish my business website (122media.com)
  • create a website for my wife to showcase/sell her awesome baking skills (seriously, check her stuff out)
  • create a website for a family woodworking business (I have a lot of hobbies…)
  • either during the challenge, or sometime after I finish the #100DaysofCode…start the #30Days30Sites challenge…
  • make sure that while I’m doing all th, I make a point to still spend time with my family! (#1 thing)

These are just a few of the things I want to make sure I accomplish…though this list isn’t all-inclusive and I am sure I’ll add things to it as I go. Now it’s time to buckle down, stop reading everything, and actually do some coding. Wish me luck.

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