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I seem to have this issue with not getting very far, then getting re-energized and deciding to start everything I am working on all over again. Well…I’m doing it one more time, but hopefully this time it’s for good!

I’ve recently decided to go full bore into kicking needless junk out of my life (like gaming for hours and hours every day, and soda…) in order to have the time I need to focus on the things that really matter but I never have time for. I took a good long look at why I didn’t have enough time, and realized (well…I really already knew it) that gaming and staring blankly at netflix for hours on end was the main culprit. Now, I’m not going give those things up completely…I’ve just resigned myself to make sure I only partake in limited quantities (like Minecraft with the family).

Now, what does that have to do with anything? Well, as a part of this “restart” I am going to be resetting the timers on the #100DaysofCode and #301DaysofCode challenge. I also started the #30Days30Sites challenge 6 days ago and have been keeping up…so that one I’m not going to restart. And in case that isn’t enough to keep me busy, I’ll still be plugging along at FreeCodeCamp and will be one of the Cohort-Leads for the Chingu Voyage Cohort that starts on Thursday (SUPER excited about that).

While that seems like a lot, it’s really not as much as it sounds like. All 3 challenges overlap, so coding for 1 hour every day meets the requirements of all 3 of those challenges. And since all of the Chingu Cohorts in this session will be focusing on build-to-learn projects, I should easily be able to get that 1 hour a day in (hopefully more).

Since I started the #30Days30Sites challenge 6 days ago, I have managed to put in about 12.5 hours of coding in 5 days (every 5 days you get a 2 day break, so no sites today or tomorrow). That’s a far cry more than what I have been doing over the past month.

Hopefully I don’t sound too much like the boy who cried wolf with restarting and sticking to it…but I really feel like there is something different about my drive and motivation this time around and I can really see myself accomplishing a lot in the next few months!

That’s it for today, until next time…code free!

You can follow my progress on:

#30Days30Sites Log
#100DaysofCode Log
#301DaysofCode Log
I will be updating the 100 and 301 Challenge logs tomorrow with todays logs as well.

Accomplished in the past 7 days:
15+ hours of coding, 2+ hours per day
Created 5 websites (some of them are still a work in progress)
Created a repo for #30Days30Sites to use for new people signing up
Committed to restarting 2 new coding challenges
Got my motivation back!
Setup new code editor (VSCode)