A few days ago Google’s AI machine has defeated the world champion in the game of Go.

What does this mean?

Does AI have the potential to do what a human can do with better speed and accuracy, in a predefined, specific domains, if not all?

If this is what the future is pregnant with, I am seeing AI powered Search Engines coming way earlier than we ever imagined.

What type of AI powered Search Engines we are talking about?
Those who are powered by AI machines to classify contents based on different parameters like overall quality, word economy, level of difficulty, target audience, depth of coverage, pragmatism, focus, motivation, central idea, language quality…

So when I search, I get the links to the best contents on the web. The links whose contents had been processed and ranked by the AI machines with much deeper analysis and understanding of the actual contents rather than merely analyzing them based on metadata, inbound links and social proof as they do today.

For example, today I write a long blog post that explains how to use a particular CMS for creating a business website from scratch. There exists many similar articles on the web explaining the same thing but I wrote it so well that it clearly explains almost everything important in a much better way compared to all of them. Moreover, I crafted it so nicely that it will interest novice to advanced users alike. In short, the article is better and more useful compared to all the existing articles available on the web today.

A search engine spider happens to visit my blog entry today at 9:00 pm and indexes it. Purely AI powered search engines we are talking about will be able to rank it by analyzing and comparing the contents instead of waiting for other signals to come by e.g. number of inbound links or likes/comments/share/tweets/re-tweets etc.

This is pretty exciting and a dream come true for anyone who is serious about what he consumes on the web.

If you ask me what are the chances of this coming, I would say 100%.

If Google doesn’t do it, someone else will.

Wan’t this give too much power to the Search Engines?

It can. But we need not worry about this today because I think when we talk about finely classified contents on the parameters mentioned above, SEs need to provide us with the interface to tweak the parameters to search what we exactly want.

We have similar, primary level control on SEs at present but that is limited to the type of media e.g. images or map or books or apps plus location and recency.Core content on a web page itself is not classified as such.

In my opinion, this is the way ahead for search, publishing and businesses in general.

  1. Where will your content stand then?
  2. Will the SEO be the same after such an update?
  3. What does this mean for the world of publishing?
  4. What will be the impact on social media?
  5. How this will change the way we do business?

Part 2 follows.

I love challenging ideas and learning new things. 
Please do share your views in the comments.