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You can use Siri to quickly interact with Sorted³. Here are some of the things you can do.

Add tasks

There are a few ways to add tasks using Siri. For example:

Add a task in Sorted. Saying buy milk.

You can specify a particular list when adding a new task.

Add a task to my groceries list in Sorted saying Buy Milk.

You can also add multiple tasks to a particular list in one go:

Add milk, sugar, tomatoes to my errands list in Sorted.

Include a date or time to let Siri know when you want to do that task:

Remind me to buy milk in shopping list in Sorted tomorrow at 3pm.

Show lists and tasks

You can ask Siri to show you your lists and tasks in various ways. Here are a few examples:

Show me all my lists in Sorted.

Show me errands list in Sorted.

Show me tasks between 9am to 5pm in Sorted.

Search for groceries in Sorted.

Complete tasks

After you finish a particular task, you can ask Siri to mark that task as completed for you.

Mark dry cleaning as complete in Sorted.

Additional Tips

Make sure you include the phrase “in Sorted ” or “with Sorted” as part of your conversation with Siri. Else Siri will end up sending your commands to  Reminders instead.

Sorted³ helps you schedule your events, tasks, and richly formatted notes into a beautiful timeline. It has been launched to App Store since August 2018.

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Sorted³ — Schedule Events, Tasks, and Notes.



Schedule Events, Tasks, and Notes into a beautiful timeline.

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