Ruths Chris Prices

In 1927, Chris Matulich, a New Orleans entrepreneur, founded Chris Steak House. During its first 38 years, the restaurant was sold six times. The business was finally acquired by Ruth Fertel in 1965 and renamed to Ruth’s Chris Steak House in 1976. While Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse prices are high, the quality of the meats and the impeccable service stand out.


Her steakhouse attracted a lot of loyal customers, including politicians, big businessmen, athletes, celebrities, and reporters. Thomas J. Moran of T.J. Moran Associates, a huge fan of the steakhouse, opened several franchises that started in 1977.

According to Fertel, they never looked for franchisees; the franchisees came to them. By 1998, their revenues have gone over $200 million every year, and currently, they have more than 100 stores in the United States. Because of her success, Feret was often described as ‘The Empress of Steak’ or ‘The First Lady of American Restaurants.’

The restaurants’ specialty is of course, steak — seared and sizzled to perfection to give that mouthwatering experience to those who will see, smell, and eat it. They also serve lamb, chicken, shrimp, lobster, and fish. On weekdays, they have the Sizzle, Swizzle, Swirl Happy Hour, so at a fixed price of $8, you can order from a selection of wines, cocktails, beers and bar food. Ruth’s Chris steakhouse prices may sometimes vary by location but are mostly in line with above.

Do note however that restaurants never offer breakfast; some offer lunch, but most are open only for dinner. Furthermore, the dress code would be business casual, business, or dressy.

The locations are also open for private dining parties, as well as business events, where they provide business communications through satellite. And through the brand ‘Ruth’s Wedding,’ you can avail of their outside catering for your (or your client’s) wedding.