Steam Logistics: A Story of Pure Capitalism

Speaking with Steve Cox, the CEO of Steam Logistics, you can immediately sense that he loves what he does. He has no trouble talking about what makes Steam Logistics and his employees unique and the best in the business. Fueled by empowering his employees and a love of the game, he says he wants to get his employees rich. “I want to see them buy new cars.”

Steam Logistics at work

Steve describes the working environment at Steam Logistics as pure capitalism. A career on his team is what you make of it. Those who work hard, make more money. Simple as that. Brokers have the freedom to make as much money as they can. Steam places no caps on earnings. And you’ll never look at the person to your right and see someone coasting and making more money. In this world, that’s a rare find, and Steve prides himself and his team in that.

Another aspect of working at Steam that Steve takes pride in is the unlimited room for growth available to all of his employees. “They’re never bored. They get to be 100% effective.” These brokers handle sales, pricing, and operations. Therefore, they get to own every aspect of their work and never feel limited by some external factor beyond their control.

This kind of autonomy means that the people who work most successfully at Steam Logistics are superb multitaskers and go-getters. These people have big goals, love to work hard, and are self-motivated. When he’s hiring, he doesn’t look for the person with the most experience. Steve says, “Someone shouldn’t have to be experienced. You can teach someone the business. They have to be hungry.”

When you spend some time in the Steam Logistics’ offices, you notice how energetic, yet focused, these brokers are. You may assume that due to the competitive nature of sales, each broker would keep to his/herself, but no. Steve says that when a broker does a big sale, the whole floor cheers. This group is very much a family. They support each other’s successes and understand that if one team member does well, it improves all of their chances of doing well.

And because Steve loves to inspire and support his team, he has gone to some extreme measures for the sake of team morale and motivation. On top of rewarding a broker of the month each month and putting on a monthly drawing that gives brokers free prizes, Steve promised his employees that he will run 6 blocks in a speedo and his Vikings helmet if a he meets $11M in sales this year. So look out for that.

Beyond being an excellent place to work, Steam Logistics focuses on providing world class service to its customers. Steam is the middle man to cover all of your logistics needs. Ocean and air, foreign to foreign, import and export, freight forwarding. Basically all things logistics.

Currently, Steam Logistics has 23 employees, and they aren’t showing signs of stopping. Steve has every intention of growing Steam Logistics into a billion dollar company with 500 employees. And when you hear Steve talk about it, you believe it will happen.

This post was written by Katlyn Whittenburg, the Social Media Manager at Lamp Post Group. You can follow Steam Logistics on Twitter and Facebook.