Escapod: your taste of the tiny house movement

The Escapod in Mclaren Vale, South Australia. Photography courtesy of City Brief.

If you have any interest in popular culture, chances are you’ve heard of the tiny house movement. People everywhere are obsessed with these mini spaces— pondering what it would be like to go minimal and move into a home that’s smaller than the some people’s living rooms.

But as tempting as it is to ditch most of your belongings and downsize to something compact, it’s not an achievable reality for everyone. So, if you’ve ever wanted to experience tiny house living, without the lifelong commitment, why not spend a weekend in the Escapod?

Photography courtesy of City Brief

What is an Escapod?

The Escapod is a small space with big vision. Developed to emulate a moveable hotel room, the design-focused pod wants to redefine luxury short-stay accomodation.

“Escapod identified an opportunity to activate under-utilised land in premium tourism locations by developing a prefabricated, moveable, off-grid capable, luxury hotel room. The result is a truly immersive experience that combines contemporary architecture, premium fixtures and finishes and a minimalist layout that allows guests to engage with their surrounding environment.”

Why do people love tiny homes so much?

Since the Escapod’s inception — the buzz surrounding the project has been impossible to ignore. But what is it about a house that’s been zapped with a shrink ray that makes people so excited?

Photography courtesy of City Brief

They’re environmentally friendly

For a lot of people, the allure of staying somewhere that’s environmentally conscious is a massive plus.

The Escapod is looking to reshape regional tourism. With any project that is set to call natural landscapes home, there will always be concern about what will need to be cleared in order to welcome a new hot spot. This is where size matters. By making accommodation compact, the surrounds don’t have to be compromised and everyone (including Mother Nature) is happy.

The Escapod also has some pretty exciting possibilities in the way of solar power integration, wastewater and high-tech water storage technologies. If you wanted, your Escapod could be completely off grid. How cool.

Tiny houses support conscious consuming, making sure not to chew into our valuable land. The Escapod is a sensible choice that respects resources. A big tick.

Photography courtesy of City Brief

Short term simplicity

Australia builds some of the biggest houses in the world. The average size of a new house in Oz is a whopping 233.3 square metres. Homes of this size feel like a constant battle of cleaning and maintenance — it’s as though the minute you’re finished with the back of your house, the front needs tending again.

This flows on to Australian accommodation as well. Does anyone else have memories of their Mum spending the majority of their beach house holidays tidying? I sure do.

That’s where the simplicity of the Escapod is sure to soothe your soul. A spacious feel, at a compact 72 metres square, you won’t be spending your entire weekend cleaning.

The Escapod’s design features also help with this ease of maintenance. One big plus is the Dekton bench top that we manufactured and installed. The material’s make up means it’s highly resistant to stains, water absorption and scratches. How’s that for stress free kitchen use?

Less time cleaning = more time relaxing. Simple.

Photography courtesy of City Brief


For owners of these mighty mini rooms, the ability to have them moved to wherever the heart desires is a winning feature.

The Escapod is completely transportable — constructed off site and shipped to where you need. This not only means that it is easily transported from factory to site, but that if you ever need to move it in the future, it can be arranged.

Escapod are also able to commission buildings in locations where traditional construction and planning may not be possible or allowed. Ever had problems getting your perfect side project approved? The Escapod could be your answer.

Photography courtesy of City Brief

What do you think? Would you stay in the Escapod for a weekend? Or buy your own?! Let us know in the comments below!

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