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You might have noticed recent articles going on about ultra-compact surfaces and particularly Dekton. The new material started as a 128 million Euro investment and took 22,000 hours of research and development by the Cosentino Group, who are famous for their Silestone engineered quartz product, and their granite surface, Sensa. This product comes from a long line of successful surfaces, but now Cosentino have pushed the boundary once again by creating something truly out of this world.

Dekton’s incredible capabilities can be learnt here.

The process the material undergoes to get to this point of strength and durability is both revolutionary and fascinating. The staggering 20 natural minerals are combined at specific levels and added to water to create a wet mix. The pigment (which determines the colour of the final product) is then added to the mix. After the mix has dried, and returned to a powered state, it is spread and patterned to the determined style. The material is then pressed then cut into sheets.

The next part of the process is something to behold. Cosentino have developed a process incorporating sinterized particle technology, which basically represents an accelerated version of the metamorphic change natural stone goes through over thousands of years. A press delivers 25,000 tonnes of pressure to each slab, then the sheets are placed in a type of oven which heats the material at 1200º Celsius to merge the particles, and ultimately make it obscenely strong.

The following video (made by Cosentino themselves) explores the astounding process.

The sheets finish at large format size of approximately 320 x 144 cm and are shipped all over the world. Some of the characteristics, such as the cold and heat proof qualities, highlight the global nature and application of the product as the material can serve in exterior areas as pavers or cladding in the hot Australian summer, or the freezing temperatures of some countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Similarly, the scratch and stain proof qualities, prepare it for reliable use in a decorative interior.

The product goes through a tremendously impressive process in its manufacturing, and comes out a revolutionary material for with futuristic capabilities.

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