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Another article, another revolutionary product. However this time it is a little different. MAXIMUM is a 6mm porcelain based material which houses some of the amazing capabilities we have seen in the other raw material based products like Dekton and Neolith. The following are a few of the traits we love about MAXIMUM.


Vital with any surface, it has to look good, and MAXIMUM looks good. The sheets are available in a range of finishes with everything from bold colours to natural veins inspired by nature. The style which mimics natural formations can come in four different variations of sheets continuing the pattern. This gives the impression that the same formation runs across all sheets, ideal for installing in a bigger surface area such as cladding.

MAXIMUM Calacatta variations A,B,C & D — (Maximum Website)

Size & Strength.

The sheets are thin and lightweight for which allow for manoeuvrability, but also houses plenty of design capabilities. Originally design for walls and floors, the product has taken on new capabilities by now being used for furniture. When a backing is applied to a material it can be used for drawer fronts cabinet doors end panels and countertops. For countertops the front edge detail can be mitred or presented as a 6mm euro-profile, for a contemporary look.

Resistant Qualities.

Like many of the new ultra compact surfaces, MAXIMUM houses some of the amazing resistant qualities that are becoming the norm with decorative surfaces. MAXIMUM’s technical performance includes its stain and mould resistant qualities making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms alike. It is also scratch resistant and extremely durable and UV resistant.


MAXIMUM is “environmentally friendly, 100% natural, partially recycled product,” comprised of mostly porcelain and other raw materials. This is how the product gets its mantra of “sustainable”, which many other ultra compact surfaces do not adopt. Sand, quartz and clay also make up some of the materials used in the product.

MAXIMUM’s range houses some beautiful natural veins and styles and also some incredible capabilities. Our prediction is that this material will continue to gain popularity among designers and home owners due to its hard-to-ignore attributes.

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