There’s a reason for this aphotic and sinister take on the National Ensign. And that reason is ‘we are not okay’. I’ll give you a little of my own story.

When that creature edged his cruel, greedy and overfed ass into the Oval Office, I had about a week’s worth of struggle against suicidal ideation. Why? Sure as hell not because I wanted to die. I felt that way because it was my sincerely-held belief that it was only a matter of time before the creature took away my only current means of support, that being Social Security Disability. I live with Bipolar II and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am also starting fifty-two in the face, and my age alone would make me unemployalble. On top of all of this, a dispute with my family has left me with no assurance that they will help me if the thing that currently is destroying this nation should decide to take away my VA benefits, my disability or both. If he’s willing to dismantle the Affordable Care Act with nothing to replace it, there is no assurance that he will balk at one or both of the other two. So I felt hopeless. Terrified. Since then, I have been offered an ‘out’ by someone close to me, but that’s going to be hard to do. The ‘out’ happens to be ‘out of the United States’.

I’m being very serious.

Yes, yes, lots of people have stated as much. There have been many celebrities that have said they would leave in the event that the current monster-in-chief became ‘a thing’. In my case, there is only one thing preventing me from doing it, and that thing starts with an M and ends with a Y, and I don’t mean Monday. If I manage to go where I want to go with the Hellscape series, my ass will be in Ireland. I love my country enough to leave her.

My LBGTQIA friends are even more afraid than I am. My friends of color are, as well — and that includes the man I love. All around us, we hear ‘get over it’ ‘he’s the president now’ and ‘it won’t be so bad’. Well, except when some poor woman attempts suicide in an airport. Except when a diabetic friend of mine says he is a dead man walking because he will not be able to get his insulin. Except when another friend with a severe leg wound is afraid the ACA will go away before she can be completely brought to medical safety. And except when the orange-faced shit-gibbon (thank you, Scotland!) continues to push the thing with the wall.

Did you know that Mexico has threatened wari with us? Did you know that the creature has threatened to send troops down if Mexico doesn’t ‘control their bad hombres’? Did you know I live in Southern Arizona and am in the fucking crosshairs if any of this shit happens?

And did you know I am going to send this tweet straight to him?

Pray. If you are athiest, wish me the best and/or lift a glass to Reason. I’m goin’ in. I can’t run headlong into battle these days, but I sure as hell can write. So… consider this pen in my hand a Zweihänder.

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