Steelehouse Cinephile Fridays: The Revenant

It’s Friday at Steelehouse, which means we’re all reading Jeff Huston’s film blog to find out what cinematic experience to invest our time in this weekend. Leo’s latest bravura performance is featured in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s breathtaking The Revenant, which opens wide today. If you loved Birdman last year, you really need to see this staggering and devastating tale of loss, revenge, and sheer will against insurmountable odds. I’m mixed on most DiCaprio performances, but here he has never been better - and if you read the reports of the grueling shoot, you will realize just how much he earned the accolades he musters. Read Steelehouse Lead Creative Jeff Huston’s take below and then go experience this stunning work of cinema for yourself.

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