Steelehouse TBT: “Cupid” for Honda

It’s Throwback Thursday at Steelehouse. Today, we’re flashing back to the mid-aughts when we crafted “Cupid,” a charming short film for Honda Japan in order to unveil a brand new model. Our mission was to add personality and emotion to the vehicle’s surprise feature: a center front child’s seat. As an added bonus, the lead male is Steelehouse’s longtime friend Tom Waite, a Hollywood stuntman you have seen (without knowing it) on Alias, Chuck, and The Amazing Spider-Man. We enjoyed shutting down Tulsa’s Riverside Drive for the second day of production, even though we got blasted mid-day with a storm so intense, it blew out the windows of the Williams Building downtown. Just the sort of weather you want when you are responsible for the single prototype automobile of a champion of the the motor industry. All turned out well. See for yourself.

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