Steelehouse TBT: Mark Steele — Comedian

Now, for a real throwback. Did you know that before Mark Steele was Executive Creative and Co-Founder of Steelehouse, he toured for fifteen years performing stand-up comedy? Seriously. We’re talking national tours, two albums (just try to find them) and crowds from small clubs of 100 to arenas of 20,000. He even did comedy for the Presidential Inauguration. We plead the fifth on which President. If you’ve spent a single business meeting with him, then you know that this history can have exhausting side effects, but we love (tolerate) Mark despite his outbursts. To celebrate this throwback, here is a clip of Mark performing one of his most popular bits back in the year 1999. If you’re diligent, you may find much more. After all, it’s out there.