The extra privilege that a cop has been given.
Donald Robb

More whites are killed annually by cops than any group including blacks, which is amazing considering Blacks make up 13% of the US population yet somehow commit 50% of all the homicides in the country. Whites are 27x more likely to be killed by a dindu than vice versa. Black culture is savage and violent compared to every other culture I’m the country. The monstrous increase in single mother (fatherless) homes, post the Civil Rights Act of 1965, has been nothing short of catastrophic for black culture. The lower IQ would be albatross enough but the combination of low IQ with no Father figure to instill what masculinity is means adolescents conflate violence and masculinity. Which is how you get 6% of the US population accounting for 50% of all homicides annually. And that number is sadly consistent as the sunrise year in, and year out.