Celebrating My 14th U.S. Immigrant Anniversary in the Midst of Resistance
Angie Gontaruk

So inspired by your words and your sentiment, and your ability to take this real-life experience and articulate it in a way that resonates with immigrants and with citizens like me, who were born here. But what I found most beautiful about this reflection was that throughout it, you thank the United States. And yet, YOU are the one this country should be thanking. You are the embodiment of the principles that have shaped all the best parts of America and it’s because of people like you that I’m inspired to be a more involved, better educated American. If I were to document each year of my life for the last 15 years, my accomplishments would look more like “This was the year I convinced my mom to let me wear makeup” (huge win) or “This was the year I only got one C.” And that is such a powerful but real contrast between someone who takes her citizenship for granted and is asleep to the possibilities at her feet, and someone who relishes every year, every moment of her immigration story and is wide awake to the possibilities she can create for her life. Thank you, Angie, for always reminding us to keep our eyes open, our voices speaking for what we believe in, and our hearts beating for the hope of our future together and united.

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