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The coasters I organized for every attendee

How I organized a remote Hackday

On the 29. September at 9:00 AM we started our first remote Hackday.
Christian, my stream lead, and I build a prototype for something we call Issue of the month. I can’t wait until we finalized everything and share it with the world. But… that is another story. Here I just want to share why and how I organized this year’s Hackday. Sharing the challenges I had and my thought during the process.

What’s about this year’s Hackday?

As I’m relatively new to the company I asked what this is. To summarize it for you, it is basically a one-day event where we can develop “something”. The only rule is that the outcome should have something to do with our company. So it isn’t even required to have an impact on our on-demand platform.

  • How do I organize this when we are all sitting at home?

Food / Swag

How to replace the pizza for everyone while sitting at home? My first idea was to buy pizza vouchers for everyone. But I threw this idea immediately away because I don’t know where all my colleagues live and what pizza company is nearby for them.

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Isn’t this cup nice?!
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It was not allowed to grab one before the Hackday end!

Remote meetings

It is not allowed to sit in one room with this number of people because of the Coronavirus. Fact. That was (and still is) a company rule. So I had to host the Hackday remotely. For this I set up three meetings on that day:

  • Lunch
  • Presentation

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