Like i tried to tell you on Twitter, I mentioned her being a mother, wife and daughter because Mr.
Stefanie Williams

Holy good God in heaven. Let’s try this ONE MORE TIME.


“Once again you imply that having a wife and children is what makes Ramaci’s actions repulsive. If Ramaci’s were single and childfree his choices would have been okay?”

No, I did NOT IMPLY THAT. I said that sometimes, it takes making someone relatable to another person for that person to really understand how fucking assholeish they were. Me saying she is a wife, mother and daughter, again, was because he has ALL THREE OF THOSE PEOPLE IN HIS LIFE that he can then relate the woman to. It makes it easier for him to stop and say, oh shit, what if that ha been MY wife daughter or mother? It does not say oh, this only matters because she is one or all three of those things, or because he has one or all three of those things. In no place in my piece did I say or imply only women who are mothers, wives or daughters to someone deserve respect. You were grasping at straws from the get go and CONTINUE to grasp at straws despite me telling you unequivically that is not what I meant, implied, or intended, especially as a single, childless woman who bartends. I obviously believe I myself deserve the same respect as a mother, daughter, and wife. If you felt it necessary to implicately state that in order for people like yourself to understand that, then hey, hats off to your degree from Columbia which clearly wasn’t in logic and reasoning.

“What you did NOT say was “Hey Ramaci if this were your wife, if this were your daughter would you be okay with them being treated like this?”

No, I did not use your exact wording, solid observation. What I did say was what I said, which held the exact same message. Because someone can easily look at your wording and make THE SAME ARGUMENT you are attempting to make with me. “Oh, so a person should only be respected if they are Ramaci’s wife or daughter? YOU MUST HATE PEOPLE WHO AREN’T RAMACI’S WIFE AND DAUGHTER!!!!”

“I’m going go to on a limb and say you didn’t attend graduate school or your 4 year degree is from a community college.”

I graduated from The University of Maryland with a degree in English Language and Literature, something you clearly have issues with. I am also represented by UTA, one of the best talent agencies in the world. But I guss that pales in comparrison to your Ivy league degree and inability to not be outraged by the wording of something.

“I attended Columbia University myself. that’s how I know if these things were so trivial you almost certainly wouldn’t have brought them up three times.”

Attending Columbia University makes you know what I intended and meant when I used my own words in a piece I wrote of which I am explaining to you? Attending Columbia University makes you know what I meant more than I know what i meant? Fucking brilliant!

“Almost certainly”

Right. Go fuck yourself? Did they teach you how to do that at Columbia University? I feel like you’d be really good at it. Try it.

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