How MTSU’s Head Football Coach Rick Stockstill is Just Like Jeffrey Dahmer’s Dad

Stefanie Williams
Apr 13, 2017 · 5 min read

There are so many videos floating around the interwebs that I just can’t watch. People popping massive zits, pulling out ingrown hairs, bad skateboard and bike mishaps, basically the four B’s: blood, bone, bodily fluid.

And above all, beatings.

If you follow me on any form of social media, you’ll know that majority of that social media content is made up of videos and pictures of my dog, Cooper. He’s part pit bull, part a lot of other breeds. He was found under a house in North Charleston as a puppy in a litter, and I’d be lying if I said this little monster has not completely and utterly changed my life for the better. He is my best bud, and I love him more than anything.

My dog is amazing. He is crate trained, house trained. He is great with children and small dogs, he is not food aggressive, he takes treats gently and shares his toys without hesitation. He knows sit, paw, and lay down. He is not dominate or alpha, he doesn’t jump (95% of the time) and he’s great with all dogs. He loves the beach, he loves bacon, and he loves to watch The X-Files with me.

He learned all of that. Mainly from me, also from his original foster mamas. None of that good behavior was taught to him by beating him, hitting him, or hurting him to a point where he would ever yelp or cry in pain or fear. And on the very rare occasions I have ever had to raise my voice to Cooper, I certainly found no enjoyment or pride in it, let alone enough to video it and share with the world.

When I watched a video on Barstool Sports of an MTSU football player, Shalom Alvarez, hitting a puppy multiple times so hard the dog cried out, I nearly lost it. I had to turn it off. Beyond the fact that this guy clearly enjoyed hurting the animal, Justin Atkins, the guy who videoed and later shared it on Snapchat, like some sort of triumpahnt taming of a beast, seemed to enjoy it just as much. So much so, he wanted to share it with the world.

Did I mention earlier this year the guy recording it, Atkins, had been arrested for drugs and resisting arrest, and was evicted from his apartment for a shooting incident involving police. Sounds like a stand up guy, eh coach Stockstill? I bet he’s an amazing pet owner and dog trainer as well.

Rick Stockstill, the head football coach of MTSU and arguably the man who should be teaching these men how to not be raging psychopathic assholes, decided to take a softer route.

“The players explained to me that the puppy urinated inside and they were simply spanking it as a form of discipline. They told me there was never any intent to harm the dog. This was an important teaching moment. I talked to them about other approaches that should have been considered in this situation. And I pointed out how disciplining a pet in such a manner could be misconstrued, especially with the impact of social media.”

Let me also mention the dog belonged to neither of the two players in question. Nothing says “I’m a great friend” like beating your friend’s dog on video to teach it a lesson for him!

I think I speak for every legitimate dog owner in the country who does not find it necessary to beat your dog and film it like some fucked up snuff film to “teach” it anything when I say to Rick Stockstill, FUCK YOU, YOU WEAK AS FUCK SCUMBAG.

Am I surprised? Of course not. This dude let drugs, guns and cops slide, what’s a little animal abuse between coaches and players? Gotta get those W’s for a school no one knows by the initials alone!

How about intead of covering for what you view as your meal ticket players, be a fucking man and teach the rest of your players who might still have a shot at being functional members of society, the difference between right and wrong? Because all you’re doing is showing the world you’re cool to ignore the signs if it benefits you and this stupid fucking football program that no one in this country aside from its alums even care about.

Want to know who else ignored signs? Signs like the enjoyment and pleasure of beating, torturing and killing animals? Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad, Lionel. Read his book. Read about the guilt he feels when he expresses how he saw his son do some despicable things, but ignored them. Refused to admit or believe that behavior like hurting animals, was anything major.

Then remind yourself what his son did.

It doesn’t take a Nobel Peace Prize winner to realize people who not only harm animals but actually enjoy it, get off on it, find pleasure or authority in it, aren’t healthy. And while you can spout cultural differences all you want, please let me remind you I, too, live in the south. And I lock my windows and doors when I leave my apartment because I know that dogs like mine get stolen and used for dog fighting. That isn’t a culture that should be respected or given a pass to, and I think Michael Vic taught the world it was no longer a valid excuse. This isn’t a cultural problem, it’s an inability to be a man who understands how to take responsibilities for his actions and further, teach his players about the consequences of theirs. It’s not about different cultures. It’s about allowing your players to get away with bad shit because they make you money. It happens all the time, just look at BYU’s football team and the laundry list of sexual assault accusations that the coach just seemed to ignore, just look at Penn State (their coach, not their players) who saw winning as far more important than a little coach on child shower rumor. Look at former UVA athletic director and Dom Starsia, their former lacrosse coach, who looked the other way when the warning signs were there about a young man named George Huguely, who went on to beat his ex girlfriend to death days before she graduated.

Here’s an important teaching moment for you. The internet is a powerful thing. And I have a few more followers than you. If you think for one second I won’t try to ruin you for your complacency, for your ability to casually talk about animal abuse like putting a child in time out, and for overlooking the warning signs with men who you’re supposed to be helping, not hiding, well, I guess now’s a great time for a discussion on discipline. On how standing by a player who, sure, has some skills on the field, clearly has no skills in the good person department, can be “misconstrued by social media” as having a coach who cares more about the win column than what this young man under his charge is actually doing with his life. About how failing to address the warning signs of bad behavior, bad attitudes, bad mentalities, falls on you as much as it does them, if not moreso. About how downplaying the abuse of an animal makes you nothing more than a fucking coward who doesn’t deserve the honor of being charged with leading men on the field, or off it.

Lionel Dahmer wrote about how he regretted ignoring the warning signs. Maybe if Jeffrey Dahmer played football, though, Lionel would have been totally okay knowing he ignored those signs, because hey, what’s a little animal abuse if the kid still got the W’s, right?

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