“ Did you know the woman you stiffed and called a cunt and a bitch is a wife and mother?
Cameron Rose

Like i tried to tell you on Twitter, I mentioned her being a mother, wife and daughter because Mr. Ramaci has all three of those things. And it’s much more effective to get a dickfuck like Ramaci to understand how a person is actualy a perosn by relating them to people in their own lives. As in, ho wwould you feel if someone treated your daughter/mother/wife this way. I am a single woman without kids. If you are that lacking of common sense to know that i clearly think any perosn regardless of their gender, marital status or child bearing status deserves the same respect I believe this bartender deserves, well, I can’t fix stupid. Please feel free to get outraged about som eother trivial word usage int his article and miss the point entirely again, if you like.