Rape, Ribeyes and the Utter Lack of Personal Responsibility

Oh man. Another day, another one of these stories. You know, the devastating kind. The kind about a victim. Of a person whose life is ruined, who is having trouble sleeping, eating, living, becuse of that horrible word. Rape.

Oh, you thought I was talking about the girl who was actually raped and assaulted? Christ no, I’m talking about the guy who did the raping. Jesus, compassion much?

I’m sure, like me, you’ve read about Brock “my parents knew I’d be a dick from the beginning and named me appropriately” Turner. 20 year old former Stanford swimmer, who was convicted of three counts of sexual assault and rape after sexually penetrating and raping a fellow student who was unconscious behind a dumpster. He was sentenced to six months in prison — which is awesome because people who sell weed and steal tic tacs get longer fucking sentences — which apparently, according to his dad, Dan, is just way, way too harsh.

Dan Turner, the dude who thought it was a good idea to name his son Brock and teach him that raping a woman isn’t a big deal, aka not the sharpest tool in the shed (but possibly the biggest), penned a letter in defense of his son saying things like his son should not be punished so harshly for “20 minutes of action”. What he neglects to mention is that the action here isn’t like, playing football or watching Game of Thrones. it was raping a woman. The length of what occured isn’t what measures its severity dude. It takes one minute for a drunk driver to go the wrong way on a parkway and decapitate a five year old girl. It takes one second for a bullet to hit a child doing their homework in their bedroom and kill them. And for your son, it took 20 minutes to rape a girl and scar and change her life forever. So spare me the 20 minutes of action bullshit. It was 20 minutes of rape, whether you admit it in your stupid fucking letter or not.

Elder Turner goes on to talk about his son’s love for pretzel, chips and ribeyes. And how lately, he just hasn’t been enjoying those former favorite foods because of all the shit going on around him. Boo fucking hoo. Seriously, not only are you dumb enough to name your kid Brock, then try to downplay the fact that he raped someone, but you’re really going to invoke the image of the white kid raised by asshole parents who raped someone eating a fucking ribeye? I’m shocked you didn’t continue to write about how he’s also lost his appetite to watch you beat your wife, smoke a stogie and make illegal stock trades on the golf course before hiring strippers for a private party at your room in the Ritz. My God, your lack of self awareness almost trumps your son’s god awful judgement. No one feels bad for the fact that your son, who raped a chick, no longer wants to eat ribeyes. Maybe we’re all slightly too busy feeling sorry for the girl who might have to go to therapy for the rest of her life because your son treated her like a jerk off tissue.

You want your son not to go to jail, but to be a spokeperson about “drinking and promiscuity on campus”. I’m sorry, why would he be a good spokesperson for that? He clearly can’t drink and unless he’s consensually having sex wiht loads of chicks, raping a girl has nothing to do with promiscuity. Nice attempt at a dig at the girl who was UNCONSCIOUS that he raped behind a dumpster, though. I’m sure tons of people were like damn, that unconscious chick was just ASKING to be raped by this slice of hite bread because she was all promiscuous and shit. Maybe if that unconscious girl hadn’t been so promiscuous, your delicate flower child wouldn’t have been seduced into dragging her behind the place where people throw garbage and taken off her clothes and raped her. Damn you, 1960s sexual revolution and feminist bra burners! Why did you have to make it okay for women to be promiscuous?! If you didn’t, my borderline remake of Powder front running lead son wouldn’t have had to drink all the alcohol then sexually assault an unconscious woman who was clearly promiscuous because my son isn’t a rapist, he is a 20 minutes of actionist!

I don’t know if it’s he lack of self awareness or my disdain for the millennial entitlement that Elder Turn is instilling in his already clearly moronic son. But this is how it happens. Men like Dan Turner, incapable of admitting their special snowflake child, who looks like what happens if the Affluenza kid and Wonder Bread had a baby, does anything wrong, even when they have been convicted by a jury for doing something REALLY FUCKING WRONG. Your son made a decision that night, and it had nothing to do with alcohol. Plenty of college aged dudes get hammered and don’t rape chicks behind dumpsters. And even if it did have to do with alcohol, your son made the decision to drink. And instead of realizing your 20 year old son (on D Day I’ll be cliche and remind you plenty of 20 year olds 72 years ago made a decision not to rape a girl, but to die for their country), an adult, made a decision to commit a crime, one that severely impacts another person, and accepting that people who commit crimes must face punishment, you’re trying to get us all to worry about your son’s frame of mind? Who the fuck are you dude? Seriously. Your son should know not to rape people, drunk or not. He chose to rape someone, and there are consequences for those actions. Trying to get your kid a literal get out of jail free card simply because you don’t want him to go there, isn’t the right thing to do. If your kid isn’t smart enough to know he shouldn’t rape someone, whether he’s drunk or they’re drunk or both, then your son is a fucking idiot and you really fucked up. Let your kid go to jail, let your kid learn the lesson that no, you can’t rape people, even if they’re not awake, let your kid learn he isn’t invisible even though daddy made it seem that way his whole life, and admit you failed miserably as a parent. It is no surprise your child decided to rape someone. Look at what kind of values you’ve raised him by. No consequences for doing bad shit because he’s a special snowflake and his athletic achievements are more important than consequences. His love for ribeye is more important than a raped woman’s need for justice. 20 minutes of action don’t matter because it wasn’t an hour, even if those 20 minutes completely changed the course of someone’s life forever. Congrats bro, you are officially a worse parent than Kris Kardashian.

Your child raped someone. Yoru child is being punished, rightfully so (even though his six month sentence is a pathetic slap at the face of the victim). No one gives a shit that your kid is now feeling the heat from his OWN choices and his OWN actions. That’s how the real world works for everyone else whose name (thankfully) isn’t Brock. No one feels bad because your kid decided to rape a woman and got caught and now he’s facing the consequences. No one feels bad that your rapist son is being punished for raping. That’s not how this works, that’s not how ANY of this works.

You failed entirely to teach your son values and lessons that could have prevented those 20 minutes. Respect, kindness, empathy, moderation. Instead, it seems, you spent the entire 20 years raising your child to believe he was above everyone else when it came to taking responsibility for his actions. You spent 20 years trying to remove any type of responsibility from your son’s shoulders. You convinced your son he had no personal responsibility and this is what happened. Your son is everything wrong with his generation — entitlement, lack of personal responsibility, lack of self awareness. But the ironic part is that it’s you who instilled it all in him. Hey, maybe it’s not the millennials after all. Maybe it’s their parents.

In the immortal words of several characters from the 1997 cienmatic masterpiece She’s All That, “What kind of name is Brock?”

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