Stefanie, I’m glad that your hard work paid off and that you are doing well as a result, but try to…
M. George Hansen

She is on the receiving end of my disdain for multiple reasons, none of which are because she lost her job.

First, her poor decisions lead to an immediate self pity party. As I’ve said numerous times, she openly accepted the salary promised, chose to live alone in the Bay Area without a roommate, and the hyperbole of her “poverty” is easily debunked by a quick glance through her Instagram account where she has pictures of the procuitto apps she made and the expensive bottles of bourbon she had. She is not what poverty looks like. Got o inner city Baltimore and take a real look at poverty and hardship. Full benefits and above-minimum wage at a tech company? Not poverty, no matter how much rice you buy.

Second, her money begging. She wrote an article and instead of going out and hitting the pavement looking for another job — any job — to cover her apparently poverty stricken life, she is asking for handouts from complete strangers like a virtual pan handler. She is healthy, capable, white, degree holding and fluent and English. There is not one reason this girl should not have a job within 5 days time and absolutely no reason she needs handouts from strangers. I have no respect for someone who can’t take responsibility for themselves.

You asked me, “Are you really angry at her for wanting to do well and succeed?” She didn’t want to do well and succeed — had she felt that way she’d have taken on roommates, taken a second job, and if those two options failed her, saught another job that she could afford to have in order to get where she wanted to be. She wanted to do bare inimum and get paid maximum to live a life she wanted and felt she deserved at the ripe old age of 25. That’s not how I succeeded, and it’s not how successful people succeed. Take a 2nd or 3rd job bust your ass, get roommates, and stop spending money on bullshit like expensive bourbon.

You then ask me: “Are you really disdainful of the fact that she had the courage to swallow her pride and ask for help, having suffered through a great deal of distress prior to reaching out?”

Ask for help? No, asking for help would be “can someone help me find a job or headhunter”, not “here’s my Venmo account, send me money for doing nothing but comlaining in public like a petulant child and getting fired for it”.

The great deal of distress she faced was brougth on entirely by her own misplanning and over achieving expectations. Try being 35 with a family and getting fired in a recession. That’s distress. This is not distress and this is by o means any level of distress that should prevent a 25 year old educated woman from getting another job.