I have family that supports Trump too.

Solid comment and I hope you’ll read my response. Maybe you won’t agree with it, but here it is.

“I have family that supports Trump too. But I think you’re missing the point of the other article. Your sister has all of these liberties as a woman because of women who marched in the past. She has the liberty to ‘prioritize’ what’s important to her and vote on it.

At no point in my own post did I disagree with this fact. I think both my sister and I are eternally grateful and respectful of the strides made by countless women (and men) before us to give us rights our grandmothers, great grandmothers, and great great grandmothers did not have and probably couldn’t imagine. I respect the right to peaceful protests in as much regard as I respect freedom of speech, freedom of and from religion, freedom of the press. It is paramount in our lives and in no point in time did I ever disagree with any of that. That wasn’t the part of the original piece I was disagreeing with.

What I find ironic in this statement though, is you just admitted that because of those women who marched in the past, my sister has the right to prioritize and vote what’s important to her. Yet you seem to be mad that she did just that because it might not have been what you voted for. So are you saying (I ask honestly) that the rights those women before us marched for should only be utilized if they fall in line with what you and other women think are right? Or did those women march to give us all voices to use, regardless of whether they are popular?

“Things that don’t apply to your sister, also don’t apply to me. But I still march for others because they determined it was important for them. And they need the support. You can stand by in silence, in apathy. But I won’t. What happens when your sister finds something she does need support for? By your principles, I shouldn’t care, because it may not apply to me… so why should I care? And I get it, we all have different viewpoints and needs, but that is a very self-centered approach to focus only on the things that directly impact you at the present time. We will never break this cycle if we continue in that mindset. Be the resistance. Advocate for Health Insurance reform, advocate for the things you’re prioritizing, don’t sit by and think the gov’t will fix it for you. The left was too complacent/stagnant the past two terms and that is part of the reason we’re here now.

My sister at the moment feels her family needs support. As the wife of a police officer, my sister worries about the climate that has been created around men and women in uniforms. No one marched for her in that regard, which is fine. No one marched for my mother who pays 900 a month for a shitty plan, because of her income, and hwo just paid 500+ for medication needed preop for cancerous cells found in her eyes. Because my mom works hard and makes good money, she pays for others to have free or low cost health care, but no one works to help her pay for hers. No one marched for her. As I said, it is not their priority and I respect that. I am not standing by in apathy. What I am doing is standing in the room and quietly observing all that is going on and making decisions about it on my own, not because another woman (or man) tells me what to think or agree with. You miss my point in that I said WHY should she care about your priorities (or rather, the priroities that are important to others) when many in the same group completely and utterly disregard hers? Why should my sister be the self sacrificing one when the other side does not sacrifice for her, her family or her priorities? Why should my sister give up her rights, what she feels is important, because of what other women feel is important to them? I think it is self centered, and I never said it wasn’t. What I said was the other side is equally as self centerd in expecting support for their priorities while giving none to hers. That’s the balance struck. You either support that not all women have the same priorities, and respect why each woman has the priorities she does, or you only support your own priorities and don’t expect those with differing ones to respect yours. It’s that simple.

(Also, the march was not anti-police. We were hive fiving and hugging the police, and we respected the law. Not ONE SINGLE ARREST in DC on Saturday during the march.)

In no place in my piece did I say the march was anti police. My sister and I both spoke about how great it was that there were so few arrests across the country and how well organized the marches were. But it is safe to say that there were many, many in those marches who do align themselves against LEO’s and alongside BLM. I do not side with the Black Lives Matter organization. That does not mean I don’t believe Black Lives Matter, so please before you jump down my throat, understand that very important statement. It means I do not support the tactics of BLM, their hard line supporters or the further divisiveness their rhetoric has created for the country. I believe in unity. I believe in bringing police and the communities they are charged to protect together, in teaching understanding and education and respect between the two. BLM does nothing of the sort and it is fair to say their rhetoric has caused the deaths of numerous officers across this country, most notably in Dallas last year. But please note, none of that was brought up in my article. I simply made it clear that LEO’s safety, respect and understanding are top priorities in my sister’s life, understandibly so. And not one woman in those marches seemed to put the lives of the husbands, sons, daughters, wives mothers, and fathers, on the list of priorities for that march.

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