This was so painful to read because it describes one to three adult women in my life, one of whom…
Jenna Maroney

This would have been so timely two years ago when the original story posted. Maybe in a few months you can write about Caitlin Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer. And by the way, I suggest you read my piece on the ten years of being the “loser” before I sold my show this year. Of how I literally dragged garbage out to a dumpster every night at my job, had to ask my mother for help and almost committed suicide several years ago because of the clinical depression I could not AFFORD to get drugs or therapy for. You’re bitching about a narrative you think I created (I didn’t, TJ actually created the narrative, I simply shared an opinion on said narrative of white girl San Fran poverty), when you’re creating your own about me in the same, if not worse, manner, because you didn’t agree with the one point I was making two years ago about work ethic and the actual definition of “poverty” and the reality of the privilege both I and TJ were privy to. But hey, please, ride my two year old coattails like a roller coaster dude. But maybe actually look into the shit I write, tweet about, share, and document before you hop on the, in the words of Cher from Clueless, “traitor to my generation” internet outrage bullshit. It’s both tired and incredibly inaccurate.