Let’s give you the benefit of the doubt.
Kevin Wang

While I find it fascinating that two years later this piece is still getting comments, I’ll take a moment to respond to your not so well researched response, just because it’s so far off.

One, ironically, I wrote my response on a sick day from work when I had just gotten over kidney stones. I didn’t write it for “likes” or to “increase my popularity”. I’ve been with my agency for going on six years, I usually write for HuffPost, BroBible and other humor websites. I had actually NEVER used Medium before. I wrote the article as a cathartic bitching because I found the original post so terribly hyperbolic. I wrote it mostly for myself, not for anyone else. I expected it to maybe get a couple reads. I didn’t expect the reach at ALL, and was entirely surprised by it. Nice try though. Nothing in my post is a lie. It’s entirely factual and it’s my life.

No one should work full time and be in livign in poverty. I completely agree. But working full time in a bare minimum job doesn’t equate to living alone in a one bedroom apartment in the most expensive city in the country with no financial plan, spending money where it isn’t needed (hense, the bourbon reference), and getting every single thing you want at 23. Living with roommates doesn’t mean you livei n “poverty”. I lived with roommates untl I turned 30 and could finally afford a studio on my own. I was able to live in New York City BECAUSE I lived with roommates. Had I not, I could not have afforded NYC rent. Simple as that.

I worked two jobs when I first moved into NYC for a short time, just to build up some extra money because I wanted to be able to buy things I wanted. I didn’t expect my one job to increase my wage so I could live the way I wanted. I made financial decisions that made sense for me, even if it wasn’t the ideal situation. Sure, sharing one bathroom with two people isn’t IDEAL, sure it’d be awesome to have my OWN bathroom, but it’s also awesome to save money so… pick and choose.

Her post wasn’t a “commentary on the wage issues” like she and many others who defended her ended up turning it into. It was a rant about not being paid what she wanted to do work a high school kid could do so she could live alone in San Fran and have a cool life. As I have said in NUMEROUS posts, like me, she is an educated white girl — there is no reason she can not make a job work for her. The wage issue isn’t about her, or me. It’s really about people with limited options on the brink. This is not her. Making poor financial decisions, coupled with a job that doesn’t pay great, isn’t “poverty” and it isn’t a conversation about the wage issue in America. It’s a tone deaf rant about not getting what we want when we want it simply because we want it. When I was 25 I would have loved a brand new Jeep. I had my jeep for NINE YEARS. I JUST bought a new one because I finally could afford to. At 32. She made shitty decisions and complained about the situation she got herself into. Yes, she spun it to save face to make it into social commentary about a serious issue, but that wasn’t what it was and that isn’t what I responded to.

Everyone SHOULD go through struggle in their life. I have spoken to classes from my former home town about the importance of struggle and the perspective you get from struggling. The perspective I had made it possible for me to look at that article and say “she has no idea”. There is a difference between suffering and struggling. I don’t want people to suffer, but I don’t think shit should just be handed to everybody because we want it. Call me shitty for that, but I do believe in working and making efforts and taking steps to get to a goal. If your goal is to live alone in San Fran, work toward it. Because even at 15 an hour, you won’t be able to live alone in San Fran. So what exactly was her goal? To get paid 30 an hour to make cold calls? How is that fair to a business? Would you pay someone 3 times more than what the job is worth just because they wanted something they couldn’t afford? Probably not.

But hey, nice try. I’ve had two years to respond to every negative comment under the sun, dude. Yours isn’t new, it isn’t inventive, and it isn’t accurate. You accuse me of lying just because you don’t like what I say? Fuck off with that shit. I suggest you read my other articles about struggling, about the benefits, about working hard, about sexual assault in the food and bev industry, about LGBT rights…. I’ve published a lot more shit since this piece. My outlook has not changed for a reason, and it’s because I have the experience of my life to know what I said wasn’t wrong, even if you don’t agree with it. Nice try, though.