You have clearly missed the point, you have companies posting record profits, buying other…
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You have clearly missed the point, you have companies posting record profits, buying other businesses for hundreds of millions and paying their employees far below the cost of any basic standard of living.

— Right, but the bigger pointi n her article is that she made choices and couldn’t financially support them and now is pissed at Yelp. It’s not like she took the job because they originally promised her x salary and then ended up giving her y salary, way less. She made the choice to take that job, with that salary, in that city, and live in an apartment on her own without roommates. All of that is not Yelp’s fault and they owe her nothing in regards to he financial decisions. Sorry. I don’t like big business, but I also don’t like a lack of personal responsibilty.

That isn’t entitlement it’s called a lack of value in your people and businesses culture. I suggest you read this and learn something about how successful companies treat their employees.

— This isn’t entitlement? Of course it is. 9 an hour with full benefits as an entry level position isn’t bad. In San Fran? Maybe it is. But that was HER CHOICE. It was HER choice to accept the salary and the cost of living. She wanted and hoped ot skirt the system and get ajob she neither earned nor was owed with a salary she neither earned nor was worth. None of that is Yelp’s fault. Period. We can have a lengthy discussion about how much I hate Yelp and how much I hate corporate greed and Wall Street — it does not change the fact that this girl made poor financial decisions in her life and then got pissed when she didn’t get her way in her job that she held for less than a year.

Anyone worth keeping works their asses off and delivers exceptional quality work, you don’t know her work ethic and neither do I but what know for sure is that pay from a company the size of Yelp is reprehensible. If you don’t believe that, you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.

— I know that if I really wanted to keep a job at Yelp and they were paying me pennies, I would take a second job to make it work and show my worth and get the promotion. Because that’s who I am and how I operate. I would move to a smaller apartment, have roommates, and budget better. If I knew I was worth it and good at what I did, I would prove it in any way I could and if that meant taking a second job as an Uber driver or a barista, it’s what I would do. This girl did not have a second job, lived in an overpriced apartment she couldnt afford that was not shared and then compalined about the choices she made as though Yelp FORCED her to take that apartment and accept that salary promise.

Personal. Responsibility.

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