Find a Boss, Not a Job
Susie Pan

While this is a great thought provoking piece it definitely applies strongly to the ‘start-up’ workers more than anyone else (which isn’t a criticism because Susie clearly mentions her Start up experience). In many companies you may find yourself interviewed by someone who doesn’t actually end up becoming your line manager when you start work. That point however does not invalidate Susie’s article at all as the core principles of self-evaluating against peers and those who inspire you is key to personal and professional growth.

One other thing i’ll add to this is that sometimes mentors aren’t necessarily the coolest people or the friendliest… Sometimes your boss can be a bit of an ass or can challenge you in ways that make you freak out! However that doesn’t mean they cant still be a brilliant role model and leader of which you can measure yourself against.

Something about strokes for folks and all that.

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