Tech and the Fake Market tactic
Anil Dash

Great thought piece, Anil Dash.

The whole time I was reading it though, the only thing I was thinking was: but has there ever been a true market? Markets have always been “fake”, haven’t they? Invisible hand made visible?

I know, I know. A bit of hyperbole here, but seriously.

Any national or international market is heavily “coded” by laws and regulations — each negotiated by powerful interested parties seeking to position their interest best. In practice, markets and governments are fully entangled. In polemic, they have always been seen as distinct.

The best way to educate elected officials is to clearly identify the way that computer code is encroaching on their jurisdiction. Is the encroachment insidious? Perhaps. But I think it’s more of a mindless thing, actually.

So, what do we do?

For a start, political economists who have a clear understanding of the broad suite of policy mechanisms that governments employ to regulate markets need to talk to coders, and vice versa. It’s code all the way down. (and learnin’… I’m always about the learning… None of us are experts!)

Saper aude!

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