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The Difference Between a Random Follower and an Engaged Follower

There are some who say 50 engaged followers is better than 500 unengaged followers.Some of your followers will be engaged, reading and valuing your updates, occasionally replying, retweeting, commenting and Liking. Others will just skim through your updates as they appear in their feed.There is no way to avoid an unengaged follower (not that you should). Specifically on Twitter, there are people who will blindly follow thousands of people all in the hopes for a follow back.The good news is you can convert an unengaged follower (or fan) into an engaged follower (or fan) by updating valuable information. We’ll get into that a little later.Not only can guest blogging be a great way to get your company exposure, get more twitter followers but it can also increase your social media impact.When guest blogging, it’s important to find a blog that is relevant to your industry. You want to get relevant followers who would be interested in your products or services, so it’s important to write in your area of expertise.If you guest blog, you can put in your byline something like:“(Your name) is the (enter position) of (enter company). You can follow his (or her) company on Twitter (link) or ‘Like’ them on Facebook (link).”Not only does this expose your brand name, but it also helps your social media efforts. People will follow you the more you expose your Twitter and Facebook pages, and guest blogging is a great way to get that kind of exposure.On a personal note, I’ve been blogging with KISSmetrics for a little under 4 months. My Twitter followers (while still small) have about quadrupled during this time.So find a popular blog that’s relevant to your business, ask them to guest blog (even if it’s for free) and take advantage of your byline.It’s not optimal to go after the biggest influencer, as you won’t get much of a response from them. Many of them receive many requests for retweets or mentions. It’s best to go after people who frequently retweet and have been viewed as an influencer and are open to connecting with small companies.

The challenge of getting Instagram likes and followers

As mentioned, once you reach a certain tipping point in terms of your number of likes and followers, this largely becomes self-perpetuating, bringing more and more people on board organically to view your content, learn about your brand, and find out more. Assuming that you keep your content fresh, interesting and sharable in perpetuity and don’t just rest on your laurels and bask in your achievement, once you reach a certain number of likes and followers, your following itself will grow organically. However, getting those first core followers and Buy Instagram likes itself is hugely challenging, for a range of reasons. Many the business owner has spent hours fine-tuning the perfect profile, posting great videos and pictures and tagging them, only to return disillusioned a day later in anticipation of having garnered a following, to see that nobody has stopped by! Getting going in the first instance with likes and followers is very hard to do, unless you already have a significant following across other social media, and can convince them to sign up for your Instagram content as well. Instagram ranks content based on its likes, shares and followers, and so if you start with none or just a few, your content will languish well down the rankings, never getting the chance to reach your intended audience at all get followers on instagram . While searching for trending hashtags and piggy-backing them can help to some degree, your best chance of success in terms of gaining likes and followers is by having likes and followers in the first place-and unless your brand is already well known and popular, this can soon become a vicious circle of disappointment. However, there is a solution to this issue; it is entirely possible to start off with a significant number of likes or followers, ergo raising your profile and attracting more, by buying likes and followers to get you started.