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Participants Creative AI Track at Media Lab Berlin Camp, photo credit Sarah T. Vu

(Over a thousand sticky notes, hundreds of cups of coffee, tens of bottles of Club Mate, and one week of pure, unadulterated, creative chaos)

For the span of a week, St. Elisabeth (a renovated church turned event venue) became the “Church of Hacking” for Media Lab Berlin. This event, spearheaded by the Learning Initiative, brought together students from all across Europe for a week long “Media Lab Experience”. …

by Stefania Druga

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I grew up in a small town in Transylvania, and will always remember the day when I assembled my first computer and loaded the first mp3 songs and movies on it. At the time we didn’t yet have Internet in my home, and I was exchanging files via CDs with my friends and my father’s colleagues.

By the time I went to college, my campus had its own intranet, and my friends and I built up a collection of hundreds of albums, television series, movies, software packages, anything you could imagine. It was as if all of the students were part of this giant web, seeding and peering on torrents while constantly exchanging the latest school news in forums and chat rooms. Later, I used the internet to find my first internship abroad, master’s scholarship, job, and apartment. I also founded a global community of young makers and hackers — HacKIDemia — where kids could connect and exchange knowledge via videos, social groups, and local events: all thanks to this new medium that was breaking down geographic and institutional borders. …

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Knowledge fractals @

How to build the simplest recommendation engine in ruby

For our final project at FlatironSchool we created a platform to help parents best respond their kids questions and discover stories/questions/answers via different concepts, characters. One of our ideas was to recommend stories to parents based on their previous activity with the goal of reproducing what in pedagogy is called “zone of proximal development”. The main motivation behind this feature is to enable users to learn new concepts by using references and concepts they already know.

There are multiple ways to implement this feature in our code but the main two directions are the…

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Example of Bare Conductive Touch Board musical instrument

A story about an inclusive music instrument and how we can program expression.

Last week I participated in a music hackathon at Spotify. The goal of the hackathon was to design music games. Participants were presenting their own ideas and projects and formed groups and some of us got very interested in the challenge launched by center where they do therapy through music for disabled people which was founded by a musician who lost partially his mobility.

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Ascs Chip Macro:

This is my second post from Flatiron School and this time I decided to combine two things I enjoy the most: writing software and sketching with hardware.

The easiest way to get started with hardware and build your first prototype is to get an Arduino board.

What is Arduino?

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Seahorse Nebula

while crossing “lightstones” at Flatiron School

It is my third week at Flatiron School as part of the Web0715 class which will last 3 months and this is my first blogpost about this experience.

In our first day we were presented with this quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

If you want to build a ship teach people to yearn for the vast and endless sea

The metaphor resonanted with me deeply as it crystalizes the way I approach every new project, challenge, learning and sharing opportunity.

This quote also made me think of the goldfish growth versus tank size.

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@hypatiadotca Rich Smith presentation about security @kiwicon 2015

My impressions and thoughts after hearing Rich Smith presentation last night @EtsyDE

Last night I participated in one of the Code as Craft talks at Etsy in their Berlin office. The talk was give by Rich Smith, director of security at Etsy.

Rich, who is also the co-founder of of Iceland security consultancy Syndis, started his talk by illustrating his vision on the relationship between society, technology and security.

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image source: (I read the book on a Kindle so harder to take a memorable picture of it )

Today I started and finished “Zero to One: Notes on startups, or How to Build the Future” by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. The book was a follow-up of a class on entrepreneurship that Peter Thiel gave at Stanford which was documented in detail by Blake on his blog.

As the book is very well structured I took a a couple of notes which I decided to share here in order to invite people to comment on them.

This summary reflects the main points that were interesting for me and should not be seen as a complete summary of the book. …

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Image: HacKIDemia

This is a repost of post I made together with Elisabeth Giesemann for Sillicon Allee month of empowerment.

At HacKIDemia, empowerment is experienced every day through play with kids. Understanding how the immediate environment works, feeling you can fix, adapt, and repair it, is the main goal of the initiative. We are all striving to learn and be creative, yet it sometimes seems difficult to overcome old patterns of thinking, regain confidence and feel empowered. What makes an experience memorable is the challenge of it, the tangible reward of the physical object you gave life to.

Our favorite parts in the workshops of HacKIDemia are the ‘Aha moments’. Many times, I have seen kids’ sparkling when they get these Aha moments after struggling to solve a coding problem or to assemble a robot. …

A story about human kindness in Myanmar

This year I decided to spend the winter holidays in South East Asia and visit for the first time Myanmar(Burma). As I was running a series of HacKIDemia workshops in Shenzen and Singapore before, I wanted to use the opportunity for visiting my friends from Go Project who have been living in Myanmar for the past three months.

From the first day in Yangon I felt in love with the country as the people have a unique purity and are so genuinely kind.. …



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