Hair extensions are very popular these days to flaunt various kinds of hairstyles and makeovers. These weaves can be easily attached and you get longer and thicker looking hair just in few minutes. Virgin Brazilian hair extensions are not just beautiful, but silky and natural looking compared to many other varieties of artificial hair available. With numerous suppliers and lucrative deals of Brazilian human hair wholesale, one can choose from a large variety of styles.

To let the hair look shiny, stylish and stunning, it is important to take care of them. Going to the salon every time to repair your extensions or buying new extensions time and again, is a time consuming and expensive affair. Instead check on these tips given below to take best care of brazilian human hair wholesale.


The first thing to do is get the weave applied professionally. Rightly installed extensions are easy to maintain and look good too. If the weave is not applied properly, it can damage the weave in just few days and also strain your own hair, breaking and splitting it. Having a weave tightly installed can damage your scalp and natural hair. Similarly, loosely installed weave can also be problematic. It might pull off your naturalhair and the extension would also not last for long in the same position.


You should clean your scalp and the extensions very well at a regular interval. If you have an oily scalp, better use powder shampoo that canabsorb the oil and also clean your scalp and the extensions thoroughly. You can do this hair washing weekly by using a mild shampoo. The application process should start at the scalp and get down to the hair edges. Do it slowly and take care so that the hair extensions do not get tangled in the washing process. Hair extension cleaning should be done meticulously with proper rinsing ensuring that no trace of shampoo or conditioner is left over. In case there is any product build up within the extensions, it will lead to infections and dirt accumulation on your scalp. Dry your hair with a thick towel; just pat it to dry no need to rub. Brazilian hair extensions get damaged, if frequently exposed to heat; thus avoid hair dryers as much as possible.


Moisturising and hydrating the extensions is an important task. After washing, using a light conditioner is recommended tomaintain the smoothness and silkiness of the hair extensions. Try and do deep conditioning at least once a month. If hair extensions are coloured, deep conditioning treatment must be surely done after every 2 weeks. Make sure your hair extensions are dry enough or they might break easily and indirectly lead to damage of your own hair.

Use a Wide Tooth Comb

You should use a wide toothed comb or a weave brush for combing and styling your hair extensions. Make sections and slowly work on them. If you feel that the extensions have gone dry, you can dab on little oil to keep them moisturised and tangle free.

There are many kinds of quality brazilian human hair available in the market. However, it is not easy to be sure about the quality, unless you have them from a reputed. The best option is to buy a good quality product and follow the maintenance tips to use it for a longer duration.