Sweetwater Creek 2 Weeks in a ROW!

Don’t get me wrong I love this park. We decided to take my friend Radha to Sweetwater since she loved the photos I took and wanted to see it for herself. We headed out to the park and explored the Yellow and Orange Trails, along with going on a smaller trail along the creek to get shots like this.

We went WAY off trail looking for a shortcut to the Indian cave, but after much climbing we got back to the Yellow Trail. Deciding to explore some more in hopes of interesting photos, we checked out the Orange Trail. It’s so new, it’s not even on the map! It felt like it went on forever. Then all of the sudden we start seeing light blue blazings. We got LOST! There wasn’t a soul in sight. Luckily, we had cell service so we called asking for help. We found our way BACK on the Yellow, saw a really sweet couple who took our I SURVIVED THE ORANGE TRAIL photos.

After we finished the Yellow and Orange trails we walked the first half of the Red trail so Radha could see the mill up close. We ended up hiking for over 6 HOURS! Yea, my feet and especially my ankles felt it. The boots I got from REI did a number on my ankles. They still haven’t healed up yet.

The very next day, my mother calls me at the office and asks if she can visit. She wanted to go hiking with us but on something easy but pretty. First thought was Sweetwater but we had just gone. I looked up online and in my falcon guide for any ideas. Just none seemed to offer as much, so Sweetwater it was.

We took my parents along the red trail. The first half of the red trail is easy. Since my mom has a bad hip we had two options, to continue on the white trail, which isn’t as scenic or continue on the red trail which is difficult but far more picturesque. My mom was feeling adventurous, so we went on the red. It was tough but she made it all the way to the end.

The creek seemed like it was about a foot higher than we had seen before. The water current was extremely fast. So many flowers were in bloom that we didn’t see last week. Overall we had a good hike. Enjoy the rest of the photos!

Originally published at www.stefanieandadam.com.

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