Monitoring WiFi networks with Raspberry Pi

In February 2015 we announced the NetBeez wireless agent, Wifi Beez, at Networking Field Day 9. We decided to expand into the wireless domain after several requests from customers. Implementing this feature aligned well with our vision of network monitoring from the end-user perspective. Also, it was a no brainer — we all use wireless every day. In some segments, like higher education, wireless users represent 80% of the user base. It was clear that we could not limit NetBeez to only wired, cloud, or virtual agents.

On the surface the WiFi Beez is simply a Raspberry Pi with a wireless dongle. For those that use NetBeez daily to quickly detect and repair network and application issues, it is much more. In NetBeez, the WiFi Beez runs our proprietary software agent, which integrates with the powerful NetBeez dashboard. Between the device and the user, there’s the analytics engine that enables the wireless engineer to inspect real-time and historical wireless metrics as well as receive proactive alerts on performance degradation issues.

In this blog post, I explain how to configure a Raspberry Pi to connect to an enterprise network. I hope this is useful to DIY network-monitoring geeks:

Happy monitoring!