How to break away from reality?

Book, video, series- so many possibilities, but I will show better, something else. Comics.

The comic strip is sequential history of an image with text. Published in a different form, in America usually in the form of fascicles (approx. 24 pages). The situation is different in Poland, buying comics in the form of a book in Polish language is not possible. Of course, this was not always the case. The notebooks in the translation of Polish from us company TM-Semic that runs until 2003. She was a leading publisher of comic books in such form and at this point we can only find copies scattered on Internet auctions. Today, comics are issued in the form of a volume. That is, we have the following, specific for the comic industry. Tom or album is a copy of a few books.

May seem that if the comic is the only superheroes and their antagonists, nothing further from the truth. Comic book as the book covers all spheres of life. We have previously mentioned heroes, horror, adventure ... Species of all kinds, just read. Of course you can say that, the US is a contender for the Crown of the King of comic books, but it is also worth mentioning the Polish publications.

The history of popular culture which is the comic book dates back to the days of post-war, related to the development of the press. The first works which were associated with the characters, which should be known to us, that is, Kajtek and Koko, Tytus, Romek and A ' Tomek. Later, in the POLISH PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC (PRL) the comic served as a form of propaganda, produced on a massive scale. List of comics was established for a period of less than one hundred years is huge, and I think that does worse than foreign titles.

A list of items that you might want to read that, I propose that I, will place on the occasion of another publication.

May seem that comics are intended for younger audiences but I disagree with this. After the comic can reach anyone, whether female or male, older and younger. Just start the imagination and immerse yourself in a book. A great way to get away from reality, and getting to know new cultures and customs.

Short material from me first, and I hope not the last. Thank you for your attention.


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